Mise à jour 21.5.0 + 21.5.1 + 21.5.2

Chains of Harrow: Update 21.5.0


It’s time to upgrade your Arsenal with 11 new community-created TennoGen items.


Skin + Helmet:
Nova Graxx Skin (seperate Nova Graxx Skin from the Nova Gnova Skin) by Faven_PS
Mag Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
Hydroid Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
Nyx Carnifex Skin by Vulbjorn the Walrus Rider
Saryn Amalgama Skin by prosetisen
Equinox Insomnia Skin by prosetisen
Ash Tsukuyomi Skin by Yatus
Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury


Nezha Devine Skin by polygonmonster


Scapulis Syandana by lukinu_u
Naru Syandana by malayu and Jadie



Hydroid Changes & Fixes

As mentioned in Hotfix 21.4.2 on Friday, we continued reading feedback and testing Hydroid changes up until todays Update. 1 week into Hydroid Revisited and more than a handful of changes from constructive feedback have been implemented! 

The changes below cover a number of ideas about making Hydroid’s simply feel better to use, particularly for teams. In the scheme of our 33 current Warframes, Hydroids role is to be a fun and active way to use the power of water and swashbuckling themes to take on enemies. 


  • Hydroid has received the PBR treatment!
  • Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188.
  • Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged.
  • Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid’s Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle.
  • Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target’s max Health.
  • Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool – more submerged enemies, more damage!
  • Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies.
  • Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies.
  • Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up.
  • Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces.
  • Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm.
  • Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
  • Fixed being able to Transference to your Operator when in Undertow.
  • Fixed Undertow’s Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
  • Fixed certain enemies not working properly with Undertow FX (Nox for instance).




  • Reverted a performance improvement that unintentionally made it easier to walk and stand on smaller enemies. This was causing unintentional difficulty when meleeing smaller enemies.
  • Upon dying in the Simulacrum your Warframe will insta-Revive instead of having to initiate the Revive.
  • Choosing to initiate a self-revive while bleeding out will now prevent other players from attempting to Revive you.
  • Removed the Captura Arsenal console from Captura levels, due to it looking out of place. You can still access the Arsenal from the ESC menu.




  • Fixed rejoining a Jordas Verdict mission after experiencing a UI error when attempting to revive, resulting in the UI breaking again.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Catacylsm not putting Defense objectives into the rift.
  • Fixed the « rank bonuses » list in the Warframe Upgrade screen missing the bonus for your Warframe’s current level.
  • Fixed « WARFRAME » showing up in the most used Warframe section in Player Profiles.
  • Fixed Chat clearing when trying to send a message with more than 5 Rivens linked.
  • Fixed Volt’s Transistor Shield Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
  • Fixed getting kicked from Vor’s Prize for taking too long to complete a mission (i.e. if you sat at the “choose your Warframe” screen).
  • Fixed Ordis’ transmissions appearing to have incorrect FX.
  • Fixed a script error when spawning G3 during Law of Retribution.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not making the strap on Lenz’s quiver go invisible.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not matching set holster customizations.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Dynasty Skin blocking parts of the Esc menu.
  • Fixed seeing sniper scope in photo mode in Captura while resuming time.
  • Fixed being able to get Equinox’s skirt on other Warframes in Captura.
  • Fixed disabling the Sniper Scope UI option resulting in Sniper sights not only appearing, but also lingering indefinitely until the player switches weapons.
  • Fixed Clients not having unlimited Focus ability usage in the Simulacrum.



Conclave Changes

  • Renamed the ‘FREE FOR ALL’ option for matchmaking to ‘PUBLIC’.




Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.1


  • Significantly shortened the time required to self-Revive from 3 seconds to 1 second. This is in an effort to make it a quick decision in the heat of battle. We don’t want scenarios where teammates try to revive you as you choose to end it and are unsure why they can’t do anything for 3 or more seconds.



Hydroid Fixes, Part IV! 

It’s been four deployments since our Original Hydroid revisited. Here is the latest batch of fixes. We do plan on focusing more on fixes for future deployments. In the week since the rework, we’ve seen a lot of great feedback and have incorporated some big changes. We will be giving the rework more time in player’s hands before we consider further big changes – but as always please place your feedback in appropriate subforums. 


  • Fixed using Hydroid’s Tidal Surge while in Undertow causing extra Energy to be consumed for the distance traveled.
  • Fixed Clients using Hydroid’s Undertow potentially becoming visible and vulnerable.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow water volume replicating for Clients.
  • Fixed players affected with Radiation seeing a bunch of 0s when shooting Hydroid’s Undertow with no enemies in it.




  • Fixed Vay Hek not entering his Terra Frame phase if he hasn’t been encountered the right number of times on the way to the boss room.
  • Fixed the Operator Focus gauge visually not displaying for Clients.
  • Fixed HUD showing incorrect Health/Shield values for Operators.
  • Fixed ability UI not updating when switching between Archwing and ground.
  • Fixed the Equinox Insomnia Skin having an incorrect Helmet tintmask on the Day Form.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker disabling custom reticles for Snipers/Knell/etc.
  • Fixed being unable to enter Archwing in the Tyl Regor boss fight as a Client.
  • Fixed Stealth Affinity buff display not updating past 100%.
  • Fixed players seeing a white Health bar/Revive symbol/generic name over reconnected players.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Revive.
  • Fixed new players seeing the incorrect number of Revives remaining before completing Vor’s Prize.



Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Removed player’s ability to shoot into Hydroid’s Undertow since players don’t get sucked into Undertow in Conclave.
  • Fixed a UI error that allowed you to see the names of your enemies through walls as if they were your teammates in Conclave.




Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.2

Hydroid Undertow Fixes

  • Fixed Undertow suspending pickups in midair.
  • Fixed Undertow rapidly draining Energy when falling.
  • Fixed a large Energy consumption spike when Hydroid’s Undertow puddle settles if moving while it is settling.
  • Fixed idle animations playing while in Undertow when equipped on Hydroid.
  • Fixed ragdolled (but not dead) enemies in Undertow getting ejected from the puddle.




  • Fixed Clients not seeing the in-world markers for Ayatan Stars and Datamasses.
  • Fixed Companions dying upon Quick Reviving.
  • Fixed the Scanner sometimes not functioning accurately when swapping between Scanner and weapons.
  • Fixed the Arsenal context action appearing in Captura.
  • Fixed Rhino Prime’s Iron Skin using your chosen Energy color instead of your chosen Accent color.
  • Fixed the Quick-Revive not displaying Affinity cost to Revive yourself.
  • Fixed Prime Sigils not appearing metallic and shiny as they once were.
  • Fixed some invisible glass in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed the Operator not being able to spawn Specters.
  • Fixed being able to ‘swap weapons’ as Operator on the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed a script error in Maroo’s Ayatan Hunt mission.
  • Fixed an end of mission crash.







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