Résumé du DevStream 97

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 97 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).



La vidéo :



Le résumé :

• Acquiring Glass-frame will be done through Plains of Eidolon somehow
• A first draft for her powers has been done, but Scott wasn’t happy with them; back to the drawing table



Plains of Eidolon Updates
• There may be ‘checkpoints’ (perhaps after each smaller objective) in The Plains of Eidolon that will save the loot and progress you’ve made
• The Plains of Eidolon presents many new challenges in terms of mission flow and many things are still WIP, will become a more streamlined process as more landscapes are made
• The concept art team has already started work on the next ‘Plains’ landscape — currently thinking it will be placed on Venus
• The current release timeline for Plains of Eidolon is still aiming at mid-September, but it’s becoming a crunch
• There will be a prospecting mini-game in Plains of Eidolon in addition to fishing that will allow you to mine for the gems
• The new gems are part of a revamp for the Arcane system — the Arcanes from Trials will remain exclusive to those Trials, but there will be a new set in Plains of Eidolon
• The way Arcanes are created and used will be expanded with Plains of Eidolon, including Arcane use for Operators and the new modular melee weapons



Deluxe Skin Updates
• Ember Deluxe skin will be an entirely new concept — unclear how much of the original concept if any will remain
• Sculpting progress shown on Mag Deluxe skin, will likely release before Halloween
• Zephyr Deluxe skin is a side project for one of the members working on Plains of Eidolon — not any progress to share
• Ghost-themed Nekros Deluxe skin by Kaz (Syncrasis) shown



Other Stuff
• The most recent round of PC Tennogen will be included in the next console update
• The next round of Tennogen will be coming out sooner than usual because it will be halloween themed 
• The developers are currently mostly satisfied with Hydroid’s revamp, but open to further feedback
• Hydroid Prime will be released immediately following the end of Oberon’s Prime Access
• The Nemesis System that was shown before has been delayed by Plains of Eidolon, will probably not be included in The Plains update
• No plans currently to add any kind of ‘catch up’ system for missed logins
• The devs aren’t opposed to adding a fourth tab to mod/appearance configuration, but it sounds as though as it’s too much of a strain on the database
• Tintable Vandal weapons shown
• Proto-skins for Lato and Bronco shown (2 of 5 skins) as part of an upcoming Event






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