[Mise à jour] 23.0.7

Fix de bugs en pagaille !



  • Optimized HUD performance slightly for several mission types.
  • Tweaked unicode filtering for private channels so you can play in English but still chat in Swedish with your Clan!



  • Fixed crash that could occur if you died right while Ivara was drawing back an Arrow.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when someone affected by Harrow’s Warding Thurible Augment died.
  • Fixed being cloaked by Ivara’s Empowered Quiver potentially resulting in a status proc by AoE procs.
  • Fixed Energy Conversion not increasing the Critical damage increase of Ivara’s Empowered Quiver
  • Fixed being able to skip the Granmu Prism cooldown by switching to and from a Scanner.
  • Fixed purchasing a Relic Pack from Teshin resulting in the cursor to remain on screen upon closing the Offerings menu.


The Sacrifice Quest Related Fixes:

  • Fixed Transferring back to Umbra resulting in falling through the floor sometimes
  • Further adjustments to the Umbra Operator Earrings appearing unattached.
  • Improved speed of camera during memory sequences when using a controller.

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