Mise à jour 32.0.9 : Revenant Prime



Wield the essence of the Eidolon with Revenant Prime Access! 

Get instant access to the latest Prime Warframe with Revenant Prime Access. Add Revenant Prime along with his signature Prime Weapons Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime, and exclusive Prime Accessories along with Resource and Affinity Boosters to your Arsenal. 


The lost one rises. Wield the essence of the Eidolon as you wield Revenant Prime’s power.



Tatsu Prime glows with spectral splendor. It grows more powerful with each enemy’s demise, especially when wielded by Revenant.


Phantasma Prime is burnished with deadly force. In Revenant’s hands, it has increased magazine capacity. The might of its irradiated plasma is reminiscent of the fearsome Eidolon.

Exclusive Revenant Prime Glyphs


Revenant Prime Accessories feature: 

  • Aurimus Prime Syandana
  • Vetala Prime Armor 
  • 90 Day Resource Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster

Now that Revenant Prime Access is available, Relics containing components for the following items have been removed from Drop Tables and will return in Prime Resurgence at a later date. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Nezha Prime
  • Guandao Prime
  • Zakti Prime

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Red Veil sacrifice of Nezha Prime Chassis to Harrow Prime Systems. 
  • Replaced Steel Meridian sacrifice of the Zakti Prime Receiver to the Astilla Prime Receiver. 
  • Replaced Steel Meridian sacrifice of Nezha Prime Neuroptics to Nidus Prime Neuroptics. 

Get Revenant Prime instantly with Prime Access, or earn Relics in-game to craft Revenant Prime, Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime. Find the Prime Access packs here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access

Riven Disposition Changes:

As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers, you can see the full Disposition changes here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1326804-october-2022-riven-dispositions/

Read about our Riven Disposition Guidelines here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1303780-riven-disposition-guidelines/



Earn horrifying new Customizations that are sure to scare! 

Spend your Mother Tokens on spooky limited-time customizations today. 

The Nights of Naberus, the Origin System’s annual celebration of Orokin immortality (and all things macabre) has returned! This year, there are new items to earn with your Mother Tokens, including Decorations for your Orbiter and much more! 

New Naberus Treats for 2022:

  • Revenant In Action Glyph
  • Revenant Vania Helmet Blueprint
  • Haunted Interior Decorations
  • Jack O’Naut Statue
  • Sheev Blueprint 
    • Sheev Blade
    • Sheev Hilt 
    • Sheev Heatsink 
  • Plague Akwin Blueprint* 
  • Plague Keewar Blueprint* 
  • Plague Bokwin Blueprint* 
  • Plague Kripath Blueprint*
  • Exodia Contagion*
  • Exodia Epidemic*

*We added these Plague Star rewards to Daughter’s Naberus Offerings as the event will not be rerun this year. We did the same in 2020, since there was quite a bit of a gap between Plague Star runs. 

Visit Daughter on Deimos all month long to trade your Mother Tokens for the full spread of offerings. You can also save up to 25% on Day of the Dead bundles from previous years. Log-in and join us in celebrating the Nights of Naberus today! 

Archon Hunt Boss Sequence Change:

Starting this Sunday, October 9th, the Archon Hunt will swap every Sunday moving forward at 8:00 PM ET (Syndicate reset time). The Archons will now also appear at a fixed rotation, as follows: Amar, Nira, Boreal. 


  • Revenant’s Reave ability changes: 
    • Reave will now scale with sprint speed for both distance traveled and speed while in Reave. 
    • Reave can now be interrupted by jumping, which preserves your forward momentum.
      • The above changes were made to allow more movement focused builds! 
  • Nova’s Neutron Star Augment Changes: 
    • Added line of sight (LOS) requirement to its AOE explosions and for the Stars to find targets, ignored for the first 5 meters
    • Reduced explosion radius from 16m to 8m. 
      • After Neutron Star’s damage and range was buffed in the Veilbreaker update, the Augment’s usage increased by over 67 times and climbing. Because of the Helminth system, this Augment was being used more than Nova herself. Changing the Augment to Heat damage while also releasing Archon Vitality resulted in higher damage than anticipated (multiplied by squadmates’ damage boosts), and the auto-seeking nature made Neutron Star far better at room clearing than other Helminth radial damage abilities like Thermal Sunder. We have a history of encouraging engagement with the enemy instead of automation, so LOS changes seemed the most important factor to address, while still letting it maintain the new high damage features.
  • Reduced the Mastery Rank restriction of all Prime Warframes to 0. 
    • Only 11/34 frames had any Mastery Rank restrictions, so we decided to make these consistent with the rest (there were no Mastery Rank restrictions on any non-Primed Warframes).
  • The autocomplete feature when linking someone’s username in chat is no longer case sensitive. 
  • Made slight tweaks to the Conservation Lure call and Vasca Kavat escape sound FX. 

Break Narmer Mission Fixes: 

  • Fixed loss of function when attempting to mount a Rampart while flying on Kahl’s Hellion Jetpack in the Prison Break mission. 
  • Fixed contact actions being disabled after running out of Hellion Jetpack fuel. 
  • Fixed the Genestamp waypoint not appearing in certain areas of the Prison Break mission tileset. 
  • Fixed a black square floating along one of the walls in the Sneaky Sabotage mission. 
  • Fixed Kahl’s Boltor Grattler doing inconsistent damage to the Wolf of Saturn Six when aiming under his feet in the Prison Break mission. 


  • Fixed damage types from equipped weapons applying to Mag’s Shards while she is standing in a zone created by Residual Arcanes. 
    • The Arcane effects apply only to weapons, her Shards will only apply Slash damage as intended while in these zones. 
  • Fixed Volt being unable to pick up or carry his Shield after his Energy drops to 0. 
  • Fixed Clients experiencing loss of function after dying while using Sevagoth’s Exalted Shadow. 
  • Fixed Atlas’ Landslide ability triggering Archon Mod effects. 
  • Fixed the Slaytra’s Slash procs not lasting twice as long as normal (12 s) as indicated in its description. 
  • Fixes towards Styanax’s Final Stand projectile explosions damaging enemies through walls. 
    • This ability already had a line of sight requirement, but sometimes the javelins would manage to pierce parts of the level
  • Fixed the spear from Styanax’s idle animation not disappearing if the animation is interrupted while in the Warframe select menu in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed a rounding error in the Arsenal that made it possible that the Ammo Maximum stat would not agree with the in-game value
  • Fixed Styanax’s idle animation playing when looking at Secondary weapons in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed the Eros Wings Ephemera’s selected colors not updating when equipped on Operator/Drifter.
  • Fixed the Hey Kiddo Operator being invisible or swapped with Excalibur at multiple points in the Chimera Prologue Quest. 
  • Fixed the Depth of Field Captura setting being disabled if it is also disabled in your display settings.
    • This also fixes receiving an error related to Depth of Field after switching between Warframe/Operator. 
  • Fixed the “Waiting for other players: 1/2-4″ message staying on the screen even if everyone has left the Archon Assassination arena in Archon Hunts. 
  • Fixed being able to chat link someone with a space in their name. 
  • Fixed the page 1 challenges in the Wave Rider Quest having incorrect input labels. 
    • Was: « HOLD <PRE_MOVE_DOWN> »
    • Now: HOLD CTRL (as intended) 
  • Fixed the Syndicate Pledge screen not being centered. 
  • Fixed scrolling in the weapon’s list in the Arsenal also scrolling the stats window. 
  • Fixed ‘Most Used’ percentages in the Profile page overlapping other text in several languages.
  • Fixed several script errors related to Nova’s Null Star. 
  • Fixed script error related to Mag’s Crush. 
  • Fixed script error related to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade. 
  • Fixed script error related to Nekros’ Terrify. 
  • Fixed script error that could break Drone Escort missions on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed script error related to the Orbiter.

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