Mise à jour : U19 The War Within + Hotfix 19.0.1 & 19.0.2 & 19.0.3 & 19.0.4

Warframe Update 19: The War Within 


Open Letter from the Digital Extremes team: 

‘Finally it’s here’ the developers and players said in unison with tears (of joy?) in their eyes! When traditional developers pen their open letters at launch, it’s often the last step after months or years of development. It’s often a sign-off to address the people who are about to dive into the finished work of a collective group. But Warframe is far from traditional and our work is never done.

The War Within is here on PC! This is the next chapter in the story of Warframe. What we set out to do always seems a little wild in hindsight, but it’s the thrill and ambition of storytelling that drives us to challenge ourselves and you. We want to grow and change Warframe in interesting ways. We’re presenting you another chapter of growth today.

This chapter tells a story of your patience, our gratitude, and of course some wonderful evolution for the game. We’re introducing an awe inspiring and dangerous environment: the Kuva Fortress. We’re pushing our engine technology to bring you graphic improvements. We’re bringing you a story about your past.

The War Within is also a reflection of lessons for us on how to feed, respect, and tame the growing animal that is Warframe. This update’s name has outgrown itself and it represents something bigger. If you asked any of us 4 years ago what we expected to happen with this project, none of us would believe you if you showed us this day.

We are beyond lucky to have hard working people at Digital Extremes to bring this chapter of Warframe to life. We are grateful to have you to share it with.

Thank you Tenno. We hope you enjoy another Update that’s free from us to you.

Digital Extremes. 



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New Quest: The War Within!

The Grineer Empire grows stronger as a cryptic adversary surfaces. What secrets does the Grineer Empire keep? Underpowered, unprepared and forced out of your comfort, you must find it in yourself to improvise, not just to save yourself but the fate of all Tenno. The Queens’ Fortress awaits, where both Warframe and Operator will be pushed past their limits as they slowly unravel mysteries about the Tenno’s past and their true capabilities.

The next chapter to ‘The Second Dream’ has arrived. Knowing what the Tenno are is just the beginning of your story. It is time to face The War Within.

How to access this Quest: If you’ve completed the Sedna Junction, you will receive this quest immediately on login via Inbox message.

If you do not receive The War Within Quest upon login be sure to have the Second Dream Quest and Sedna Junction completed. An inbox message will automatically appear once you have done so.



New Tileset: Kuva Fortress!

Once you’ve progressed far enough in The War Within to discover The Kuva Fortress, a new region will appear on your Solar Chart!

Play through and experience some of our most difficult and heavily fortified missions yet.

With this set, we knew we wanted to provide an awe-inspiring entry into the world of the Grineer Queens and Kuva. This set is complete with the latest in graphics enhancements like Volumetric Lighting, and includes some of the first ever Archwing Enemy incorporation into foot missions. Don’t forget to aim up, Tenno.

New Music can be discovered while playing these missions, Keith Power brings us his creepiest compositions to date!

Missions Offered:

  • Assault: A completely new spin on the spirit of ‘Sabotage’. This is arguably one of our longest non-endless missions to date. This mission also includes classic side-objectives like Cache hunting!
  • Exterminate: An old faithful.
  • Capture: A speed-runner’s delight.
  • Mobile Defense: Will it take longer than Lotus calculated?
  • Spy: Ivara, Ivara, let down your Zipline.
  • Survival: For glory on the Leaderboards!
  • Rescue: You must save those in need!
  • Defense: A bit more environmental hazards this time around, beware!



New ????: Finish The War Within! 

There comes a new way to obtain power – finish the War Within to receive your first entry. More information is out there… if you can find it.



New Enemies & Grineer ‘Kuva Siphon’ Missions:
KUVA GUARDIANS – Wearing heavy armor and adorned in red cloth, the Kuva Guardians are among the fighting elite in the Queens’ army. The Kuva Guardians will surround you and, with just a few well-placed blows, will bring you to your knees. Defeating them will depend on more than what’s in your Arsenal…

KUVA JESTER – Beware of these mischievous, Jester-like creatures that are quick to attack and are quite deadly.



Grineer ‘Kuva Siphon’ Missions:

After you complete The War Within, Kuva Siphons may appear on Hard Grineer Environments (Sedna, Kuva Fortress, Uranus). These are side-quests related to the larger goals of the Grineer Empire. You will encounter new enemies here, and be required to use the skills learned in The War Within to prevail.



New Weapons:

Twin Rogga – These twin barrels of destruction are the signature pistols of the Kuva Guardians.

Kesheg – Slice through mobs of unruly enemies with this fierce halberd, the signature weapon of the Kuva Guardians.

Fourth and fifth weapons exist… but defeating The War Within will be necessary to discover them.



New Cosmetics:
Kuva Kavat Armor – This decorative armor was forged for the Grineer Queens’ royal Kavats.

Kuva Kubrow Armor – Drahks are outfitted with this armor for the Queens’ royal prisoner hunts.

Landing Craft Kuva Skins – A Kuva themed skin for your Landing Craft.

Kuva Cloak – Once worn by an elegant Elder Queen, before time and disease left her body mangled and disfigured.

Kuva Braid – Symbolizing the corrupting power of the Grineer Queens.

Kuva Armor Collection – A full set of Kuva Armor.

Continuity Collection – Become Grineer royalty with this complete set of Kuva weapons and armor.



General Additions:

  • Frost & Frost Prime now have cloth physics! For years our favourite Master of Ice has had a rather static cloak, but no more!
  • Solo Mode missions now start after just 5 seconds!
  • Decorator Mode is now here for Dojos and Landing Crafts! This mode allows you to access a special menu where you can continuously change the items in your Landing Craft or Dojo. All the hassle of returning to the menu over and over for each placement are gone.
  • Available daily Maroo and weekly Clem missions have been added to the World State Window under Alerts!
  • A Mastery Rank 23 test has been added! The War Within introduces enough content to push long-term players that are currently Mastery Rank 22 into Mastery Rank 23!
  • The ‘squished face’ Kavat has received it’s visual update! Thanks to feedback here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/679889-persian-kavats/we’ve revised the visuals of this Kavat face. We hope you enjoy the new and improved look!
  • Added in a Graphical Preset option to the Display Settings tab. Adjusting this will alter all graphical settings accordingly.
  • Added in a Fast Travel option to relays to allow for quick access to Darvo’s Shop, Cephalon Simaris! These options now join the Conclave and Navigation as quick access points.
  • A more robust Display Options menu is here! You can now disable or enable more Graphics Quality options!



Faction Invasion Changes: 

Ever since the change to the new Solar Chart in Specters of the Rail, the Invasion system hasn’t exactly been exciting or novel. The War Within brings some much needed freshness to this part of the game!

As part of an effort to both repair and refresh the Invasion system, the following changes and additions have been made:

  • Prior Sortie Season Vandal and Wraith rewards can now be offered as invasion rewards by the respective faction.
  • Interception missions have been added into the mix when playing for invading faction.
  • Winning factions will now ‘Occupy’ the node for up to 24 hours. During this period, the invaders will raid the location for resources towards a mysterious ‘Construction Project’
  • The mission type at a particular Invasion node will change every 15 minutes.
  • The progress of an invasion can now lead to a Faction Specific event! Watch closely as the Grineer and Corpus gather enough strength!
  • Factions now pay an additional 1000 Credits each time you run a mission for them on the same node (up to max of 10K).
  • Fixed issues with Invasion missions loading to black and no spawning enemies.
  • Fixed Invasion progress not counting if a player was in mission during a Hotfix.
  • Fixed Phorid occupied nodes still showing the underlying bosses.



Sortie Changes & Additions:

Sorties were introduced in The Second Dream. They originally launched with ‘Seasons’ that rotated with set rewards. Since launch we iterated in several ways, including adding repeatable/non-repeatable rewards and more. Now we bring you more change with The War Within: Sortie Seasons are no more. We now have a set reward list of rewards that are always repeatable.

  • The new pre-requisite to access Sorties is completion of The War Within.
  • Nezha Parts have moved to the Tenno Lab in player Dojos.
  • Vandal and Wraith weapon parts have moved to the Invasion System as rewards for their respective factions.
  • Sortie Rewards are now set as:
    • Various Endo Amounts
    • Orokin Catalyst
    • Orokin Reactor
    • Exilus Adapter
    • A random Focus Lens
    • Legendary Core
    • 1 new item coming soon (see below)!
  • There is a new addition to Sortie rewards, but this will be revealed upon completion of The War Within.



Endless Void Fissure Missions Changes & Additions:

Interception, Defense, Survival, and Excavation Endless Void Fissure Missions have been revamped and now function in a new way!

First, every reward interval can have it’s own Relic selected and opened (if you get enough Reactant per interval).

Secondly, the reward intervals are as follows (for clarity):

Defense: 5 Waves.
Interception: 1 Round.
Survival: 5 Minutes.
Excavation: 200 Cryotic.

Should you collect the necessary Reactant per interval and open your Relic, a bonus will occur and you will be allowed to re-select a new Relic for the next interval! The bonuses are as follows:

  • Every time you open a Relic, you get a pre-determined booster. These boosters stack the longer you stay.
  • The first interval: 1.25x Affinity.
  • The second interval: 1.25x Credits.
  • The third interval: 1.25x Resources.
  • The fourth interval: 1.25x Resource Drop Rate.
  • The fifth interval: a random Exceptional Relic (that can be used in the same mission).
  • The sixth interval: 1.5x Affinity (replaces first).
  • The seventh interval: 1.5x Credits (replaces second).
  • The eighth interval: 1.5x Resources (replaces third).
  • The ninth interval: 1.5x Resource Drop Rate (replaces fourth).
  • The tenth interval: a higher tier random Flawless Relic (that can be used in the same mission).
  • Once you get to the fifteenth interval, you’ll receive a random Radiant Relic (that can be used in the same mission.
  • Boosters continue to increase every set of intervals and are capped at double (2x).
  • Radiants on every fifth interval past the fifteenth.
  • Every Relic opened will result in Traces!



Capture Mission Changes:

Capture enemy types are now split into 3 tiers- Easy (1-10), Medium (10-20), Hard (20+).

Corpus Nullifiers and white-suited Corpus Targets (capable of creating a Snow Globe-esqe barrier) no longer appear on lower level Capture missions.



Holster Customization Changes:

  • Changed « X Offset » option to adjust Holster Position to move along to edge of your Warframe.
  • Added « Attach Part » option to select specific areas to Holster. Standard Holsters also have this option.
  • Added « Z Offset » option to adjust Holster Position distance from your Warframe.



General Graphics Improvements & Volumetric Lighting:

Volumetric Lighting technology is here and has been implemented in The War Within quest!
We’ve also improved player lighting and added various weather effects to the game.



Archwing Movement Collision Improvements:

Improvements on collisions, and clipping on all Archwings have been made across the board!


Conclave Additions: 

  • Grineer Fortress ‘Bunkers’ Conclave Map has been added for Team Annihilation and Annihilation! Take control of the security systems and turrets scattered throughout this Map and use them against other players. Take note: other players aren’t the only thing you have to worry about.
  • Arbiters of Hexis ‘Arbiter’s Arena’ Lunaro Map has been added! The Arbiters of Hexis know there is more to the Tenno than just being good Warriors – they know them to be excellent Lunaro players as well! Seek truth through discipline and practice on this new Arbiters of Hexis themed Lunaro map. The perpendicular goals will require skill, precision, and teamwork to overcome. Bring your passion to the sands of this Lunaro map today!



Conclave and Lunaro Changes & Fixes:

  • Valkyr’s Paralysis no longer deals damage in Conclave.
  • Valkyr’s Paralysis range has been reduced in Conclave.
  • Improved the explosive visual effects seen when throwing weapons make impact on players in Conclave matches to better represent energy drain.
  • Fixed the UI displaying the wrong half-time indication when rejoining a Lunaro game in progress.
  • Fixed Client loadout changes in the lobby not syncing properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Titania’s Razorwing ability appearing as ready-to-cast without sufficient energy in Conclave matches.
  • Fixed a couple of unintended hiding spots in the Forgotten Halls Conclave map.
  • Fixed a couple of map holes allowing players to see out of the level in the Freight Line Conclave map.




  • The Player Profile diorama now includes your custom Operator!
  • Activating your Focus ability in mission now occurs on holding your ‘5’ key (or whatever binding you have) rather than tapping.
  • Made changes to some Motion Blur instances on power cast and damage events, we will adjust this based on your feedback!
  • Fixed some general behaviour with enemies regarding awareness of their environment:
    • Nullifiers now notice and investigate their bubble taking damage
    • Enemies will notice and investigate corpses
    • Enemies affected by Coolant Leak will notice that they’ve been frozen/slowed
  • The Landing Craft extraction door has received an upgraded look!
  • Made several optimizations to host-performance in the Law of Retribution and the Jordas Verdict
  • Optimized periodic single-frame lag-spikes that would occur in many missions
  • Radial Shared Affinity no longer includes a stealth multiplier (if active).
  • The Kubrow and Kavat section of the Player Profile has been renamed to Companions.
  • Whips can now use any longsword holster customization.
  • Scaled the Plastid Carapace ship decoration to match in-game size.
  • Tweaked the original Grineer riot shield to be a bit more metallic.
  • Blocking with the Silva and Aegis increases both Critical and Status Chance by 15% (max 60%) to next attack.
  • Blocking with the Ack and Brunt now absorbs elemental damage. Example: Block Electrical damage, gain + Electrical damage on top of base attacks.
  • Ayatan Sculptures now show number of socketed Stars when viewed in your Inventory.
  • Replaced outdated Mod tips with new tips about the Ayatan system.
  • Tweaked Relay hub room lighting to better represent each room.
  • Venus – V Prime is now a Survival mission instead of Rescue due to there only being one low tier Survival mission.
  • You will no longer be able to see or pickup Syndicate Medallions if you have already completed that mission prior to being invited.
  • Reduced the brightness when viewing Landing Craft Resource Decorations.
  • Changed the default text for arrows from SKIN to ARROW SKIN.
  • Improved transitions when selecting different Stance animations in the Arsenal.
  • Improved the look of the fog effects on the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Adjusted the blocking volumes on elevators on the Corpus Ice Planet Tileset to prevent players from being able to accidentally exit the level.
  • Improved the sound effects for the Scorpion enemy type.
  • Adjusted the minimum level of Bursas to help spread out their presence across the Star Chart:
    • Mission Level 15+ = Denial Bursa
    • Mission Level 20+ = Drover Bursa
    • Mission Level 25+ = Isolator Bursa
  • Tyl Regor is now vulnerable to Corrosive procs.
  • Improved the overall performance of multiple Warframe ability visual effects.
  • Improved Lunaro save detection.
  • Adjusted the coloring of the lens flare seen while channeling.
  • Adjusted and improved the sound effects heard when grappled by Infested Ancients and Isolator Bursa units.
  • Stealth master tests will now wait for performed finishers to finish before resetting themselves.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Spy vault hack consoles to prevent the most difficult hack from occurring on mission difficulties lower than level 100.
  • The icon used to displayed dropped weapons from a disarm move now use the same Friendly marker on the minimap instead of the major objective iconography.
  • The Companion stasis grid will now display Polarization counts for pets who have been Forma’d.
  • The New Strange Defense wave count has been reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Adjusted Rapier idles to minimize visible foot sliding.
  • Improved the back-end spawning logic of AI types for increased performance.
  • The Grineer Shipyard tileset has received a visual update! Objects are shinier and rocks are now PBR- whoa!
  • Reduced the damage of the Static Discharge Mod due to the Prova dealing (at least) 5 ticks of damage during the charge attack.
  • Improved motion blur edges to appear less disorienting.
  • Improved jumping animations to be smoother.
  • Removed the Void Fissure end of mission reward selection screen when playing Solo or if no other player joins.
  • Optimized the memory usage of the flashlight.
  • Warning lights and sounds will now play upon Raptor NS’ Energy Mortar attack.
  • You can now go to Maroo’s Bazaar even if you have reached your daily trade limit. This fixes players unable to do the Ayatan Sculpture mission due to reaching their trade limit.
  • Reduced the sound when Sentinels complete a scan.



Dedicated Server Fixes:

  • Potential fix for teams not being reshuffled after a player leaves.




  • Fixed a script error with Valkyr’s Prolonged Paralysis augment.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Equinox’s Metamorphosis ability.
  • Fixed the Disrupter Drones in The Nightmare Law of Retribution being too large and not nullifying their area.
  • Fixed the extraction timer sometimes not appearing for Hosts if they’re not at extraction.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Exalted Blade wall attack not producing an energy wave as per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/57za5m/exalted_blade_not_shooting_wave_if_wall_attacking/
  • Fixed not being able to cancel Volt’s Speed buff with a backflip when you have a gun equipped as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/697384-cant-cancel-volts-speed/
  • Fixed Nekros’ Hyekka Master clones damaging allies with her fire grenade as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/714188-nekross-shadow-hyekka-master-burns-other-shadows/
  • Fixed finishers not triggering Equinox’s Rest & Rage’s Augment, Calm & Frenzy, to spread as Host as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/701225-calm-frenzy-covert-lethality-broken-as-host/
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm not working for the first 10 waves of Lua Defense as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/701050-hydroids-swarm-bug/
  • Fixed a Law of Retribution progression stopper due to Nekros spawning a Grineer holding a Tritium Bomb as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/698100-nekros-shadows-of-the-dead-can-spawn-with-tritium-bomb-for-last-part-of-law-of-retribution-raid/
  • Fixed the Pox not changing its orientation when thrown.
  • Fixed a low glow effect on the Loot Detector Mod.
  • Fixed Maroo’s dialogue subtitles not updating when interacting with her while she’s in the middle of talking.
  • Fixed being able to trigger a Spy vault’s alarm after data was extracted if there was previously a Host migration.
  • Fixed no Mods displaying when searching ‘Puncture’ in the Codex Mod section.
  • Fixed the mission countdown timer sometimes starting at 11 seconds.
  • Fixed Mods equipped on the Dark Split Sword not staying on the weapon when exiting out of the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Penta and Quanta Ranger Eximus’ merging into one another when viewed in the Codex.
  • Fixed Trinity’s Link ability beams not attaching properly to their target if they ragdoll.
  • Fixed the UI not refreshing when randomizing Companion Attachment colors.
  • Fixed the Lanx appearing to have an explosion of blood effect when selected in the Codex.
  • Fixed cases where players with ‘-‘ in their names would get personal notifications in chat where they weren’t actually notified.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Bastille FX remaining indefinitely upon Host migration.
  • Fixed camera offset when using Razorwing while crouching.
  • Fixed flowing water issues in The Silver Grove Shrine tileset.
  • Fixed rewards received from completing Nightmare missions not being checked for « new » status.
  • Fixed being able to kill Captain Vor during the beginning of Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed Sigils not having proper position/rotation when viewing the Star Chart.
  • Fixed a script error in the Star Chart when you’re in a Relay and attempt to start a mission that requires an item you don’t have.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Swarm not playing the activate animation while moving.
  • Fixed a high number of dead ends and backtracking issues in Grineer Galleon Exterminate level maps.
  • Fixed instances of unlit Crewmen in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed a script error when receiving an Inbox message while viewing the Star Chart.
  • Fixed canceling the placement of an Ayatan Sculpture sometimes resulting in the Sculpture being replaced by another decoration as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/701672-ayatan-sculpture-disappeared-~-instead-left-with-two-sacred-vessels-bug/
  • Fixed a rare script error when clicking randomize colors in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed inconsistent text colors in the Conclave Arsenal upgrade screen.
  • Fixed instances of players and NPCs falling through the world.
  • Fixed the Left Dendra Shoulder Guard overlapping with emblems.
  • Fixed Status resist Arcanes (Arcane Resistance, Deflection, Ice, Warmth, Nullifier, and Healing) not displaying that they offer an extra Arcane Revive when maxed.
  • Fixed Mods that are being sold by a player in Maroo’s Bazaar appearing jittery and having a ‘Conclave’ text.
  • Fixed the mission drop-down grate appearing to float when skipping the intro cinematic.
  • Fixed not seeing the HUD buff indicator from Titania’s Tribute when joining a mission in progress.
  • Fixed Chroma appearing to have 2 pelts when activating a Focus ability while Effigy is also active.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when being attacked by Zanuka after using a Zanuka Hunter Beacon.
  • Fixed Boltor projectiles absorbing/preventing melee damage for a short time.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of the Izvara Syandana on Saryn Prime.
  • Fixed the Heliocor appearing invisible when initiating a stealth attack when not in ‘sword alone’ mode.
  • Fixed the Ripkas not appearing on Titania when equipped as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/691055-ripkas-not-showing-when-equipped-on-titania/
  • Fixed the Despair appearing to be thrown backwards when using Ivara’s Navigator ability.
  • Fixed being able to initiate a panel hack while sliding, resulting in continuing the slide and failing the hack.
  • Fixed some missing headers when in the Appearance tab for Bows.
  • Fixed the Raptor Codex entries appearing very zoomed in.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram allowing access to unintended areas in The Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed Banshee’s Silence ability permanently turning off enemy barks.
  • Fixed some enemies being able to apply a Status Effect through invulnerability abilities such as Rhino’s Iron Skin and Nezha’s Warding Halo.
  • Fixed being able to collect an infinite amount of Energy Orbs even when Max Energy has been reached with Loki/Nova Prime and a maxed rank Primed Flow equipped as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/700300-consuming-energy-orbs-even-with-full-energy/
  • Fixed Vauban’s passive, Reinforce, not applying after being revived and until a player enters or exits the radius.
  • Fixed Clients seeing damage numbers when shooting the Shield Dargyn’s shield in Archwing. Their shields are invincible, and unfortunately you were accomplishing nothing.
  • Fixed incorrect sheathing of the Dark Split-Sword when equipped with a Dual Sword Stance Mod (Crossing Snakes, Swirling Tiger, Dividing Blades).
  • Fixed Idle animations not playing when the Staticor is equipped.
  • Fixed the countdown timer  initiating again after grabbing the Ayatan Sculpture in Maroo’s daily hunt mission.
  • Fixed an issue with Dual Secondary weapons appearing incorrect on Trinity Prime when using the Trinity Immortal skin.
  • Fixed an issue with secondary weapons clipping into Ash Prime
  • Fixed an issue with the Iliac Syandana not inheriting the molted effect when equipped on Saryn.
  • Fixed an issue with Oberon’s Smite energy color not appearing properly when casted by Clients in a squad.
  • Fixed a map hole found in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with emoji’s not working correctly with unicode text.
  • Fixed an issue with emblems clipping when equipped on Titania.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple Syandanas not fitting properly on Titania.
  • Fixed an issue with the hips of Warframe’s appearing to stretch when playing Agile Akimbo, (Twin Vipers, Twin Grakatas, etc) Bow, and Pistol idles.
  • Fixed an issue with Sugatras not being equipped properly on the Helicor.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrows potentially getting stuck in their retrieve behavior when collecting plants.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate color options being visible on the Smoke Color Pallette.
  • Fixed an issue with the Danavi Syandana clipping into numerous Warframes when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue with Ripkas weapon trail being visible when equipped or hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with Spy Alerts sometimes spawning identical vaults within the same mission.
  • Fixed an issue with Void Fissure buffs overwriting the Reactant counters of other players in the squad.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mantle of the Lotus Shoulder Armor (GOTL) visual effects not appearing properly on channeled melee weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rota Syandana not fitting properly when using the Shikoro Atlas Helmet.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when not wearing a Syandana.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jattuk Mantle clipping into multiple Warframes when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue with players potentially being blocked when attempting to mount the zipline in the Advanced Movement Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with Aura Mods not working correctly in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect type of doors being visible during The New Strange quest.
  • Fixed an issue with Howl of the Kubrow quest being prematurely completable.
  • Fixed numerous issues with enemy projectiles being able to affect players through solid objects. Affected enemies are as follows:
    • Bombard
    • Corrupted Bombard
    • Manic Bombard
    • Hellion
    • Denial Bursa
    • Drover Bursa
    • Comba/Scrambus
    • Executioner Gorth
    • Executioner Vay Molta
    • Shik Tal
    • Zanuka
    • Jackal
    • Vay Hek Terra Frame
    • Tyl Regor
    • Kela de Thaym
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to bind Power Menu and Power E to the same button when playing with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting and reconnecting during a Trial mission could result in players receiving different Arcanes.
  • Fixed Operator’s not having visible fingers and toes in The Second Dream diorama.
  • Fixed an issue with erroneous sound effects being heard when rising/falling during Uranus’ submersible movement sections of the tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with the model displayed in the Arsenal appearing incorrectly if the Arsenal is entered while the Trade Ready animation is being played.
  • Fixed an issue with Mutalist Osprey wings not appearing to be textured correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with breakable objects sometimes blocking reinforcements from arriving at the objective correctly during Mobile Defense missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the equipment level indicator not appearing red when upgrading items in the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in a staggered/knocked down position.
  • Fixed the ability to fall through the world near the waterfall in the Earth tileset.
  • Fixed a script error in the Trial lobby if a player didn’t have a Sentinel/Kubrow equipped.
  • Fixed a case where you could lose functionality if you backed out of the Trial screen before the diorama finished loading.
  • Fixed being able to use Ivara’s Prowl ability multiple times on the same enemy by disconnecting and rejoining the same squad.
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorflies being permanently hostile to allies if Razorwing was cast while under an enemy’s Status effect.
  • Fixed banked Credit amount not appearing updated when attempting to make a second trade with a player in the Dojo.
  • Fixed weapon names in the HUD being hidden when you’ve been disarmed.
  • Fix a script error when the Daily Tribute offered a Mod.
  • Fixed locked doors appearing to be unlocked in the Lua tileset.
  • Fixed enemies teleporting below the tileset after using certain abilities.
  • Fixed general discoloration issues as a result from previous color correcting changes.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Feyarch feet colors appearing as a mix of the Primary and Tertiary colors.
  • Fixed the Vasto Day of the Dead skin not appearing as ‘Owned’ in the Market.
  • Fixed Warframe on login screen not showing up right away.
  • Fixed Titania’s Diwata clipping through her body when in Razorwing mode.
  • Fixed Titania’s Diwata appearing unattached to her body.
  • Fixed projectile weapons (i.e. Boltor) with Punch Through not going through allies.
  • Fixed a script error for Clients on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm causing enemy loot to fly off and get stuck on the ceiling.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to pick up Reactant as Client if the Host has 10/10.
  • Fixed some spot-loading when choosing weapons in the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Jordas Verdict key claiming it’s in Pluto when it’s clearly in Eris.



The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.1 


Missed Major Update Notes:

  • Kubrows and Kavats can now be renamed for 25 Platinum!



  • Improved huge hitches and delays when you owned a large number of cosmetic items (spot-loading).



  • Fixed cinematics and conversations with NPCs in Relays taking over for every person within.
  • Fixed Clan emblems not appearing.
  • Fixed the Weekly Clem mission having a [PH] text in the title.
  • Fixed a crash with the Gear wheel.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to join a mission.
  • Fixed a Conclave crash.


Spoiler Fixes:




The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.2


  • Removed an unreleased Relic from the wild.
  • Removed a no longer relevant Design Council tip.
  • Reduced the damage of Helios’ Deconstructor in The War Within quest.


  • Fixed a crash during The War Within quest.
  • Fixed the Dojo,Void, and Derelict Elevators locking players in and not moving.
  • Fixed issues with getting stuck in underwater geometry when playing a Submersible mission.
  • Fixed Orokin Labs Research shutting out all tech and not just Solar Rails (IE: you can get your Dragon Key Blueprints again).
  • Fixed not being able to purchase the Xiphos Kuva Skin.
  • Fixed not being able to purchase Blueprints if you already owned one.
  • Fixed some enemies appearing in a T-pose upon death.
  • Fixed the double objective triggers in Grineer Settlement Hijack missions.
  • Fixed the level ranges displayed on navigation for the Jordas Golem Assassinate, Jordas Verdict, Law of Retribution, and Mutalist Alad V Assassinate.
  • Fixed sending a pending friend request allowing you to send a game-invite to someone who only wanted to accept invites from friends.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rumbler names showing up as a file-path.
  • Fixed the launcher always being in English even after changing languages.



Hotfix 19.0.3

  • Greater Lenses can now be found through Sortie rewards in addition to Regular Lenses. Note this doesn’t affect the drop chance of other items within Sorties, just the Focus Lens school of drops now has more options.
  • In an effort to help performance of our particle system, we now create fewer particles (60%) when your particle system quality is set to Low.
  • Polished aspects of Kuva Fortress Assault missions. Individual markers have been added to shootable targets during the ‘destroy the targeting mechanism’ phase, and added teleport action under the falling debris so players don’t get stuck when it’s destroyed.
  • Kuva Fortress Cache hunting has been moved to Fortress Exterminate missions as it makes more sense for the pacing of the mission demands.
  • The Zarr has received a balance pass:
    – Crit Chance increased from 10% to 15%- Status Chance increased from 15% to 20%- Barrage range increased from 12m to 15m- Barrage reload time now matches Cannon reload time

    – Added Punch Through to Barrage mode

    – Removed Self Damage from secondary cluster bombs



  • Fixed several common crashes.
  • Fixed Primed Fury missing from the Codex.
  • Fixed The Codex displaying incorrect resistances for all enemies. This was just a UI bug and did not affect actual gameplay.
  • Fixed the whisker placement on Kavat heads.
  • Fixed an exploit with Relics in non-endless Fissure missions.
  • Fixed the stealth Affinity multiplier not giving you more Affinity and Focus despite it saying it is.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Defy and Iron Jab having duplicate Ability Descriptions.
  • Fixed Loki’s Invisibility visual effects appearing as a bubble rather than a silhouette of Loki.
  • Fixed Volt’s Arrester helmet having tinting issues.
  • Fixed a confusing minimap marker in the Kuva Fortress tileset.
  • Fixed ‘You picked up a key’ transmission on the Kuva Fortress Assault mission playing for all players rather than just the user picking up the key.
  • Fixed issue with Motion Blur on Profile Dioramas.
  • Fixed an issue with the reward manifest on Alator, Mars.
  • Fixed issues with an awkward heavy landing sound on Ash’s Teleport.
  • Fixed issues with players escaping the Fortress Extraction levels.
  • Fixed the Grineer Icon on the Kuva Scimitar skin floating.
  • Fixed unreleased Relics and Primes appearing in missions.
  • Fixed intense flickering on DX9 sessions.
  • Fixed issues with trading.
  • Fixed missing music in the Operator Cradle room.
  • Fixed Ember Noble idle set using the wrong animations for different variants as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/718794-ember-noble-animations/
  • Fixed missing link to Tethra’s Doom mods in the codex (was preventing Jolt and Voltaic Strike from showing up in the codex).
  • Fixed issues with Steam Controller not working.
  • Fixed a significant amount of missing Codex Mods thanks to the helpful Tenno here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/175141-list-of-codex-bugs/?page=14#comment-7954000




Spoiler Changes & Fixes :





Hotfix 19.0.4

– Skipping the first fly-in cinematic now skips both cinematics!


Conclave Changes & Fixes:

– Fixed an issue that made Team Annihilation not work properly on the Bunkers map.
– Fixed host and client ammo disparities of continuous fire weapons.
– Fixed Saryn’s Spore not functioning in Conclave.



– Tweaked the placement of Caches in Kuva Fortress Exterminate missions.
– Tweaked many aspects of the Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense missions, including removing consoles from some more cramped intermediates and adjusting some layout for procedural generation.
– Tweaked the audio of the Twin Rogga and Zarr.
– Lowered the Drop Rate of Parkour Mods on the Grineer Jesters.
– The Warframe launcher no longer makes sound unless you interact with it!



– Fixed many frequent crashes and game freezes.
– Fixed drifting idles for Frost Noble and Nezha Noble idles.
– Fixed Frost’s throwing and unarmed idles to fix the creeping.
– Fixed Saryn’s Molt being a T-Pose.
– Fixed the ‘Adhesive Blast’ Mod not working on the Zarr.
– Fixed some placeholders and filepaths on Warframe descriptions and passives.
– Fixed issues with controller compatibility for The War Within quest.
– Fixed an issue with the Zarr Cluster missiles not projecting in the right direction.
– Fixed many instances of electrical hazards in levels damaging Limbo while in the Rift.


Spoiler Changes & Fixes :





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