Résumé du DevStream 102

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 102 réalisé par AM-Bunny. Ce DevStream était dédié à l’univers sonore de Warframe. Les invités faisaient tous partie de l’audio design team: George, Erich, Travis, and Willem! 



La vidéo :



Le résumé :

Plains of Eidolon Weather Changes
• Plains of Eidolon is having dynamic weather changes implemented, including rain and gusts of wind (see it HERE)
• There will be an increased number of fish spawns in The Plains while it’s raining
• Should release this on PC this year


Upcoming Sound Related Changes
• RTPC: Low Health Occlusion — ambient sound will be muffled at low health and sounds  from getting hit will be louder (hear it HERE)
• A jukebox will become available for The Orbiter that allows players to play their choice of Warframe music and possibly Mandachord tunes
• Octavia is receiving a new Mandachord soundpack as a result of a twitter poll — EDM was the winner!
• The changes made to Baza’s sounds should be reverted next hotfix


Tenno Pump Action Shotgun
• Sounds and animations shown for Tenno pump-action shotgun HERE
• The sound includes a lion growl deeply mixed in
• Will release on PC this year


Other Stuff
• Prime Vault is opening in January rather than December — will un-vault 3 Warframes





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