Résumé du DevStream 132

We’re back with another Devstream, and this one comes with a lot of assets and gameplay, so buckle in! Learn more about the Kuva Lich system, our plans for Melee Phase 2, Update 26, and more in our overview below.


  • Nightwave Intermission is coming on October 21!
  • Tenno can expect a Halloween event on all platforms next week.

Melee Phase 2

Building on the Melee changes from earlier this year, Phase 2 introduces devastating new combat techniques, smoother combos, the return of manual blocking and more! This will be a recap of the overall changes, but you can read about this phase in detail in our beefy Dev Workshop here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1134482-dev-workshop-melee-rework-phase-2-technique/

For simplicity’s sake, I will be breaking this down into categories. Before we get started, an important part of this update is the new stats available in your Arsenal to help you best understand how your melee weapon works.

Equipping Melee and Manual Blocking!

  • We are combining pre-Phase One Melee and post-Phase One Melee swapping to get the best of both worlds. Fluidity between melee and weapons still exists, but now you can press-hold the weapon swap key to fully equip your melee weapon. In this mode, you will be able to aim-glide with melee and block while aiming.
  • Blocking now blocks 100% of damage, and is dependent on your weapon angle, which varies by weapon type.

Dodge Cancel and Tactical Dodging — aka animation cancels during combos

  • Dodge Cancel – Allows a player to activate a dodge any time during a melee attack to end the combo immediately and dodge out of the way.
  • Tactical Dodging – Dodging while blocking now performs this Tactical Dodge, keeping the distance short, and allowing you to remain within melee range.

Heavy Attacks Replacing Channelling

  • Channelling is no more, and the channelling button is now used for Heavy Attacks! For mods that used Channelling, check out the Dev Workshop to see how their functionality changes.
  • Heavy Attacks can be used at any time, and we are introducing a special Heavy Slam Attack that uses your combo counter with a fun new effect. This will create a new effect on targets, known as the LIFTED STATUS. When a target is Lifted, it is held suspended in the air, allowing a player to follow up on attacks while the target is held helplessly aloft.

Other Things of Note:

  • All melee weapons are getting rebalanced with this new mode, including MR requirement changes. Some melee mods are also being tweaked.
  • As seen with Wukong’s rework, we are simplifying stance combos to make it easier to try out different weapon types. A full break-down of these combos can be seen in the Dev Workshop (link above).
  • Certain unique functionality mods are also being moved to systems that better make use of them. Covert Lethality is going to the Parazon (see Kuva Lich below for details), for example, since that one-hit kill fits the theme of that system better.

Kuva Lich System

To recap, Kuva Liches are custom enemies to you depending on how you first kill them. They are immortal, in a way — not permanently killable they way you can decimate other enemies in game. DPS isn’t the solution, but it helps you fight them off when they visit you in-mission.

Parazon and Defeating Liches

  • The Parazon is a new item entirely in your kit, combining a bunch of functionalities you are used to in Warframe already. It will be used to brutalize Kuva Liches, but also to hack panels, revive teammates, and capture targets.
  • It comes with its own new set of immortal mods. You need to find the correct combination of these mods to discover the “kill phrase” of your Lich to finally defeat them, but the mods themselves offer stat benefits when fighting the Liches too.
  • If you grew attached to your Kuva Lich, you can “convert” them instead by uncorrupting the Kuva within them. Doing so which will turn them into a follower who will help you when you most need it.


  • When visiting nodes that have a Lich’s influence on them, the Lich will steal some of your rewards from you. Defeating them will return many of your rewards, in addition to their unique weapon.
  • The weapons you earn from defeating Liches will now offer Mastery Rank per weapon type. (not individually as they are all unique)

Power Inversion

  • As a Warframe, you are used to kicking the butt of any enemy who crosses your path. Kuva Liches won’t be taken down that easily, and in fact can turn the tables on you. If you’re not able to take down your Lich, get ready for a taste of your own medicine with these custom finishers:

Bonus Kuva Lich Heads

  • Here’s a look at the custom heads for the Kuva Liches:

Update 26 – Coming to PC Soon!
Steve tentatively committed to releasing Update 26 next week on PC. Here’s an update on what to expect, in addition to the Melee Phase 2 Changes and Kuva Lich system outlined above:

Respec Rewards

  • With the Melee Phase 2 Changes, and the Vauban and Ember Reworks, Tenno who log in after the update (within a yet-to-be-announced time) will receive Forma, boosters, and a Legendary Core in their inbox to help them respec their gear.


  • We’ve talked at length about his abilities in previous Devstreams, but now we are pleased to announce he will be getting jiggle physics on his belly depending on the number of enemies you have consumed.
  • To get Grendel, you can buy special mission keys from Arbitration rewards for Vitus Essence. These missions come with an extra on-theme challenge, and guarantee a Grendel piece upon completion.

Vasca Kavats

  • Vampire Kavats, now officially named Vasca Kavats, can be acquired using gear from Master Teasonai. You can also get Vasca Floofs from him in exchange for the appropriate tags.

Exilus Mods for Weapons

  • Reb gave an example of the current mods we are considering for Exilus status on your Primary and Secondary weapons. This slot will be focused on utility mods, including ones that affect stability, ammo, silence, and aim glide.

Arbitration Ayatan Sculpture

  • We are iterating on feedback about Arbitrations rewards and moving a few things around — in doing so, we are also adding a unique Ayatan Sculpture to the Arbitration Honors store:

Railjack Skins
Here are some concepts for additional Railjack models for those interested in customizing their ships:

Hydroid Deluxe Skin
Designed by the wonderful Liger Inuzuka!

We are changing our tonemapping tech to prevent contrast fatigue on your eyes. This is a pretty technical change, but you can see some helpful before/afters in the clip below:

Other Tidbits:

  • Armor Scaling – we say every year that we are going to address this, but with Melee Phase 2 we are starting to rip off the bandaid a bit.
  • The new Orbiter will not come with Update 26.
  • The Arsenal is changing slightly, which can be seen in the Melee Phase 2 section. This is to accommodate for the new Parazon, but also makes the Vehicles tab more accessible easily. If you found Gauss’ Prex in the Leverian, here is a sneak peek at other Prexes you can find in-game in the future:

Have a great weekend, Tenno! 🙂

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