Résumé du DevStream 137

Devstream 137 Overview

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 137. Utilisez l’outil de traduction auto du site si vous voulez du français … il suffit de cliquer sur le petit drapeau FR en bas à droite.



Earlier this week we posted a Developer Workshop outlining out planned changes for the Kuva Lich system following community feedback. We’ll be going over some of the changes in this overview, but for full details, please be sure to check out our Dev Workshop here!

In our first wave of changes to this system (hopefully launching as early as next week on PC), we are touching three main points:

  • Removal of death state if you don’t have the right Requiem mod when stabbing your lich. Now your Lich will laugh at you and disappear! (For those of you who liked the back-breaking, you can still get the free chiropractic treatment if you get too close to your Lich!)
  • Weapon previews on your Larvling to help you decide if you want to commit to the Lich, or let the Larvling die and try at getting a different weapon roll.
  • Improved Valence Infusion functionality, where combining two weapons will increase the base stats of your Kuva Weapon. This means that each weapon you Valence Transfer will move your weapon closer towards the perfect 60% roll!

A few other things of note:

  • Parazon Upgrade Screen will be updated to show known requiems and Requiem history for your current Lich. This is not guaranteed to be included in the first wave of changes, but it will be coming in the future!
  • 3 new Kuva Weapons: Kuva Bramma (Explosive Bow), Kuva Nukor, and Kuva Hind
  • Converted Liches stay twice as long, do three times the DPs, and actually cast all their powers. We fixed AI bug where they’d follow you around instead of making your enemies regret showing up to battle.

PETS 2.0

This is something Sheldon has been mentioning in passing on many Devstreams, but this time he came prepared with a napkin full of notes! Here are some of our current plans for a revamp of the Pets/Companions System:

  • Pet Stasis is being removed completely. Stasis Slots instead becoming Pet/Companion Slots.
  • Gearwheel-like commands will be implemented, allowing you to tell your Companion to follow/guard/etc.
  • Genetic Heritage is being looked into. So the more you breed your pets, there is the possibility of special traits being passed along: a Kubrow that is predisposed towards hating Grineer, a Kavat with an innate damage type resistance, etc.
  • Kubrows will be getting randomized heads and tails!
  • Moa Set Mods are in the works as well.

Some Companion-specific buffs/changes:

  • Howl on Huras will not make enemies run away, so you can actually shoot them
  • Helminth’s maggots will be getting a buff.
  • Sheldon mentioned a Sunika rework!

We showed our new Melee Moa last Devstream, but here’s a bonus animation for it:


Steve has talked many times about Deferred Rendering and we are soon approaching the possibility for PC players with beefy computers to try it out themselves. When this launches, you will be able to active it yourself in your Launcher settings:

deferred rendering settings

But the question is — what does it do? Here it is in-action:

Here are some direct before/after comparison images as well.


The Corpus Ship tileset is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) in all of Warframe — it is time for the old ships to be decommissioned, and bring out a new fleet that’s up to modern standards.

This new tileset remaster offers more lorebuilding about the founding of the Corpus. Steve also mentioned a new game mechanic, asking Tenno if they will be altruistic or greedy.

You will see these new environments in regular Corpus missions, and in the Railjack-equivalent, bringing new enemies as well!


Titania is getting a few kit changes!

  • Hold her 1 to cast Status Immunity on yourself. Previously you had to cast it while looking at the ground to accomplish this!
  • You can now select which Tribute to cast, by cycling through the different buffs like Ivara’s arrows, or Vauban’s Minelayer.
  • Lanterns are now locked in place, allowing for more easily-controlled CC.
  • Razorwing has a new FX upgrade!



We showed off the next Warframe’s concept art last Devstream, but we are fully announcing her official name: Protea!

Additionally, you can see her in-game, using her 4th ability here:

If you missed a look at her full kit, learn more in our Devstream 136 Overview.


If you have ventured into the Veil Proxima, and faced the Sentients hiding in this tileset, expect to see more of them. The situation is escalating, boarding parties are coming:

sentient boarding space view
sentient boarding interior view
sentient boarding combat


  • Garuda – Bloodletting Augment: Bloodforge – Garuda’s equipped weapon is reloaded up to 100%.
  • Baruuk – Lull Augment: Endless Lullaby – Performing a finisher on a sleeping enemy will retrigger Lull for 100% of the remaining duration. Passive: +50% Lull Duration.
  • Baruuk – Serene Storm Augment: Reactive Storm – Desert Wind is granted +35% Status Chance and changes its damage type to match enemy weaknesses.
  • Hildryn – Balefire Augment: Balefire Surge – Balefire Augment: Fully charged shots that hit a nullifier shield will destroy them and restore 750 Shield to Hildryn.


glassmaker poster

Not much was shared about this Series, other than our goal to make this Series more interactive. Steve mentioned a potential murder-mystery theme — who is the Glassmaker? Maybe the Tenno will have to find out!


This is in addition to the existing Simulacrum map. You will be able to earn this for yourself from an upcoming gameplay activity!


We showed this concept in a previous Devstream, but here it is in action!


Gara Deluxe

gara deluxe

Nova Deluxe


  • Primary Kitguns are coming, allowing you to take your tried-and-true Loaders and Chambers, and use them on a Primary Grip!
  • Kitguns will be able to equip skins in the coming future!
  • Archwing Rework is in progress as promised. Kaz is breaking down Archwings into modular parts as we speak!
  • As Scott digs deeper into changing armour scaling, he is also looking at shield mechanics: including regen, shield break, and more to make sure shields are still relevant. A lot of it is still in testing, so there’s not much to actually discuss until we have committed to a plan!
  • Expect more UI chat in the next Devstream once we have time to sit down as a team and discuss feedback from our “Why Do We UI Like We UI?” Dev Workshop.
  • A Heavy Metal Shawzin is in the works:

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