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Devstream 136 Overview

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A LOOK AT 2020

Warframe Survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to Steve’s survey on his Twitter — we had just under 28,000 responses! If you want to hear Steve talk a little more about this, you can watch at this time stamp here: https://youtu.be/LLaXC3LcjYU?t=1077

Below, we’re going to feature a few graphs of responses from the 13 questions asked in the survey, but for the sake of space, we are making all graphs available in this imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/OFmamMu

Again, in this Imgur Album, you can find graphs covering responses to the following questions:

  • Overall, how was your experience with Warframe in 2019?
  • Generally speaking, which of the following is your favourite thing about Warframe?
  • Which 2019 Addition did you enjoy the most?
  • Which 2019 Addition did you enjoy the least?
  • Which do you feel most negatively impacts your Warframe experience?
  • What is your preferred amount of time to play Warframe?
  • Which of the following unreleased items are you most interested in?
  • How much do you value gear Balance?
  • How much do you value Build Customization?
  • How much do you value co-operative missions?
  • How much do you value Cosmetic Customization?
  • How much do you value difficult content?
  • How much do you value Lore and Story?

Here is also a word cloud of the written responses, just for fun:

Kuva Lich Iteration

As you can see in the graphs above, Kuva Liches could use iterating to help this system be more enjoyable for the playerbase, and we are looking at feedback to help improve your Lich experience. Here are some of the changes we are planning:

  • Removing forced failures system. Being forced to die to learn how to progress is a pain point in the community, and we are looking at other options to approach this mechanic.
  • Softening the blow of the RNG hunt. Both in allowing you to Banish a Lich, but also using an undesired Kuva Weapon to receive a “bait” that will guarantee you a specific Weapon.
  • Thrall farming needs a little bit extra goodness.

Next Warframe – Odalisk

Here’s a look at one of the Warframes we’re coming this year. She is tech-focused, maybe like Vauban’s niece!

First Ability: Throw a fan of 3 grenades, with shrapnel clouds that proc and CC. Holding to cast has defensive capability: creates an energy trench that will give you a protective bubble when approached.

Second Ability: Drop a Big Fracking Gun in front of you that will shoot in front of it for a set duration and then disappear. It does AOE damage and the damage increases with each enemy you hit — aim it at a crowd for maximum carnage!

Third Ability: “Dispatcher” – put it down to create health orbs, ammo, and energy globes.

Fourth Ability: Leave a temporal anchor of your energy, health, and ammo pool. You can shoot, take damage, cast abilities, etc. and once the ability ends, you will be reverted back to your original values when the “temporal anchor” was set.

Passive: Every 4th ability gets 100% extra power strength.

Armour Scaling

Armour scaling is a topic that gets discussed every year, which means it’s hot on our minds at the beginning of 2020. Scott mentioned the concept of “S-curve” scaling, where the exponential increase would plateau out at around level 75-80, but still increase with levels.

Here are some preliminary armour value examples with the scaling change. This is all a work in progress, and is completely subject to change!

  • Lvl 100 Bombard: Starting at 7300, lowered to 5800
  • Lvl 150 Lancer: Starting at 3200, lowered to 1400

With changes to armour, we still want higher-level enemies to feel deadly, so altering damage output scaling would most likely be part of the change — doing so without making players be one-shot is a tricky balance here.

Archwing Rework

A complete rework of all Archwing is coming. The goal is to move all current Archwings into the Modular system, so there’s one system that rules Archwings to help players pick and choose what they want. This will come with a complete rework of Archwing abilities to fit better in Railjack


Corpus Faction

New Corpus ships are coming as they will be the next Faction available for the Railjack expansion! For the Corpus expansion in Railjack specifically, we might invert the relationship of spending more time in the Capital ships, and less time in space. Additionally, we will offer more lore on the actual founding of the Corpus faction.

With that said, here are some cool new Corpus designs in the works — not guaranteed for Railjack specifically.

Venkra Tel + Sprag Redesign

Venkra Tel and Sprag are getting a new look! With them, we might be touching their rewards or other functionality — not much was shared!

Infested Concept Art

Infested has always taken over something — Infested Corpus, Infested Grineer. In the following concept art, we are looking at Infested in its pure state. The first image is a space-scale Infested mass that leads to Infested microplanets — something your Railjack could navigate through, for an idea of scale.


New Moa Companion

Legs is bringing you a new Moa with melee-focused capabilities! With this new friend, we are also introducing another Emotion Module: Tenacious.

Ivara Deluxe Model

Baruuk Augments

We worked with Warframe Partners and their communities to gather suggestions for Baruuk Augments last year, and we have the first one to share with you!

Endless Lullaby (Lull): Performing a finisher on a sleeping enemy will retrigger Lull for 100% of the remaining duration.

Clan Emblem Sigils

For years you have been able to use your Clan Emblem as an Emblem on your Warframe — we are looking to extend that functionality to Sigils as well! Here’s a look at the different type of Sigils available possibly in the future:

Crash Handler Improvement

We are giving our Crash Handler a quick refresh with more clear instructions and better images. The goal is to make it clearer what you have to do, to make it clearer that it’s for Warframe!

Prex Cards

Leverians are a way for us to add more Lore to Warframes. If you enter a Warframe’s Leverian with the mastered Warframe, a Prex card will appear for you to collect — if you can find it!

Ivara’s Leverian is the next one to come, here’s a look at her Prex Card:

Here are 2 other new cards we’ve been working on:

You can find all existing Prex Card images in this imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/FOvTGna

Other Tidbits

  • We did a survey with the community, and a survey internally. It’s time to iterate both on Warframe and our internal processes to make 2020 the best year yet!
  • Vauban needs more armour – Scott!
  • Glass Maker is the name for Nightwave Series 3.
  • New Rendering tech that we showcased last year will be coming as early as February to PC, as an opt-in for those wanting to push their rig!
  • Cross-Save is something that we know the community wants and we’re working on it while we can. It’s a big challenge for us but we want to try!

Have a great weekend, Tenno!

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