Résumé du DevStream 49 par AM_Bunny

Ceci est un résumé succinct et en anglais des sujets abordés lors du DevStream 49.



With the recent Excalibur changes, will we be seeing the « awareness » changes to other Warframes?
Potentially. If it makes sense, and it suits the power, it will receive this change.

Any update on Kubrow cosmetics/armour?
It’s being worked on. Trying to figure out how it works with the various shapes/sizes of Kubrows.

Any update on Sharkwing?
Sharkwing will be released along with Update 17.

Update 16.5?
Will include a « pre-view » of the under-water tileset via Event.


Is there a philosophy regarding Warframe balance at higher and lower levels?
Ideally, all frames will be viable at all levels. It has been recognized that utility powers are more useful than pure damage powers at higher levels. Changes are being re-viewed to these damage-based powers to add a way to make them useful.

Any plans on making Raids solo-viable?
No. They are designed from the beginning to be team-based.

Nightmare Raid?
Raid will receive an optional Nightmare upgrade to be even more difficult.

How does Void Trader rotation work? Lots of repeats recently.
People were burning out really quickly when Baro was offering a new inventory every rotation. This is why he started repeating inventory. However, he WILL offer at least one new item each rotation.

Any new Weapon Augment mods coming?
Yes. It’s a really great way to take a « beginner » weapon and make it end-game viable.

Parkour 2.0 updates?

  • Sentient trailer includes some concepts of what Parkour 2.0 will include
  • Lots of stamina revisions and how it affects parkour
  • Wall-run directionality will be included
  • Braking on walls/ziplines will be included
  • Able to control the sling jump via quick jumps and charge jumps
  • Can brake on zipline to halt movement and then charge jump/shoot from it
  • Lots of work to do to implement with the existing tilesets
  • No ETA at the moment
  • Click HERE to see some pre-views of the new animations

Charge attacks update?

  • Charge attacks are returning
  • They will be much more complicated than the previous incarnation
  • They may be implemented into combo chains
  • Click HERE to see some of the new Skana charging animations

Any updates on the other community-designed enemies?

  • Riot MOA is coming next
  • Coming very soon, update 16.X
  • Approach Riot MOA from behind while in his « armoured » mode to hack it!
  • Click HERE to see some new Riot MOA animations!

Will every Warframe have custom PBR textures?
Yes, eventually. There’s a lot of textures to cover, so be patient.

Update on destroying the Void?

  • The Void tileset isn’t being taken out of the game
  • The system of the Void key/reward system is what’s being re-worked
  • Update 16 was focused on end-game players. Moving forward, there will be emphasis on the early-mid game (basically following Vor’s Prize)
  • The entire starchart is being re-worked/simplified

Short term PVP goals?

  • Update matchmaking so you can play with your friends
  • Fix Cephalon bugs (so quitting while holding the Cephalon doesn’t ruin the game)
  • Further tweaks for weapon values, to give them more individual personality
  • Melee weapons in particular are being re-viewed

Long term PVP goals?

  • Any new weapons or Warframes will be conclave-balanced, like Chroma
  • By Update 16.5 there will be a new batch of Warframes PVP balanced
  • Update 16.5 will offer Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch player modes
  • At least 3 new maps coming in 16.5, including the Underwater tileset

De-buffs (stamina, coptoring, etc) for player holding Cephalon?
There was a lot of experimenting with exactly this while PVP was in development, but it was ultimately decided that the carrying players shouldn’t be de-buffed.

Reduce the effects of coptoring in PVP?
Not until it’s reduced in PVE first. There may be changes coming regarding stamina costs and distance flung.

Any possibility of Archwing PVP?
That would be really cool, but no serious development has gone into this. Trying to start small before dealing with anything complicated.

New mods in PVP?
Elemental mods are coming soon

New PVP rewards?

  • Teshin will offer special emote
  • The use of these emotes will probably not be PVP exclusive
  • There may be a « win-screen » that shows the winning screen performing these emotes as a « win pose »
  • There will be two-player emotes. You can initiate a generic Tenno greeting and another player can match it to perform a two-player emote. If the other player is in the same syndicate, it will be unique.


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