Résumé du DevStream 82

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 82 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source). Une traduction en français est en cours de réalisation.


La vidéo :



Le résumé :


• Les couleurs par défaut seront surement changées pour ne pas trop ressembler à Banshee
• Le gameplay de cette Warframe incluera séquenceur de mesure
• Vous pourrez composer des petites chansons qui se répéteront en boucle
• Ce sera très facile à comprendre pour les non-musiciens tout en permettant un niveau profond de customisation
• Cliquez ICI pour voir Rebecca customiser les couleurs dans l’Arsenal



Nouvelle skin deluxe pour Mag
• Cette skin a été conçue par Francois, le même artiste commissioné qui a réalisé beaucoup d’autres skins Deluxe
• La particularité de cette skin est d’avoir des articulations déconnectées
• Cliquez ICI pour voir Ray sculpter en live cette nouvelle skin



Assault Gameplay
• This gamemode will unlock after completing The War Within, and uses the Grineer Fortress tileset
• This gamemode is the longest non-endless mission type in the game so far
• Utilizes stealth elements and many more objectives; the goal is to redirect the Grineer cannon at themselves
• Grineer Archwing enemies appear in non-Archwing gameplay
• Click HERE to see Rebecca play some of this mode



Endless Relic Gameplay
• After 5 waves/5 minutes, you’ll have the option to equip a new Relic for the next round
• You’ll be able to see your Relic reward before using another Relic
• You’ll also be able to see what Relics your teammates equip going into the next round
• Void Traces earned will increase as you push further in endless missions
• This will probably be included in The War Within update
• See if a preview of Rebecca showing this new addition HERE



Next Round of Tennogen Winners
Telamon Atlas Helmet
Saryn Graxx
Spitefire Graxx Syandana
Sari Syandana
Ember Graxx
Emperor Frost
Nyx Graxx
Banshee Echo Helmet
Ash Carabid Helmet
Chroma Vojnik Battle-Damaged



Console Update
• The next console build is being sent for cert today
• This build will include The Index Preview, The Vacuum Within, and much more
• This will include framerate and V-Sync improvements
• Keep an eye out for more information from Megan and Drew on the forums



Extra Stuff
• More species of Kavats will come eventually, allowing players to use Hyekka or Drahk could be interesting, nothing decided
• The usual DE Halloween costume party will be held on the Monday XBox One at 1 stream
• There’s been thought about special Alert-only Relics that have unique reward tables, but nothing has been decided
• There’s a new system coming in War Within that will involve Sorties somehow that should address some of the reward frustrations
• Ray has just begun work on the Frost Deluxe skin, probably will be some time before release
• The Ash Deluxe skin has been modeled completely, it will be released soon along with the Bladestorm changes
• The Bladestorm changes have been updates since last Devstream to be a toggle rather than holding the button down
• There will be some items brought out of The Vault for the holiday season – possibly more than one Prime Warframe
• Click HERE to see Frost’s cloth physics in action – probably will release with The War Within
• The ‘Replay Quest’ feature will be added soon (only The Second Dream to begin), hopefully next week on PC!




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