Résumé du DevStream 83

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 83 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source). Ce DevStream parle principalement de la création de War Within.



La vidéo :



Le résumé :

Lighting Updates
• There was a lot of last-minute work put into the lighting of the new tileset
• The new volumetric lighting has gone a long way to add depth and thickness to the environment
• In between new tilesets, the lighting guys will be reviewing older tilesets to add similar treatment
• The Grineer shipyard should be getting some visual updates soon



Animation Updates
• Click HERE to see some examples of mocap for The War Within cinematics (SPOILERS)
• Click HERE to see new wrinkle maps added to faces for better facial expressions



Console Update
• Planning on having the cutoff date for the next console build next week
• War Within should release on consoles before the end of 2016
• HDR support will NOT be shipped with The War Within
• There should be some framerate fixes and Operator hair fixes



Other Stuff
• Ash Bladestorm revamp and deluxe skin will be coming very soon — MAYBE next week
• In place of Movember mustaches, there will be a new charity effort in December
• It sounds as though the Bard-frame is being pushed to 2017 release; no date pinned down for her or Infested-frame
• Next batch of Tennogen skins should be released by the end of 2016
• Hopefully there will at least be a plan of attack for Limbo’s revamp by the end of 2016
• There will be a change in place for Sortie rewards that will reduce the chance of you getting Endo more than twice in a row
• There will be more options added to Dojos in the future — experimenting with creating unique obstacle courses






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