Résumé du DevStream 87

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 87 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).



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Le résumé :

New Sentient Unit: Sentient Carrier
• As Sentients die and drop their spark, The Carrier will consume the spark and spawn a new Sentient
• The Sentient Carrier is intended to be a high priority target
• Sentient Damage Immunity can be reset by Operator attacks



Nef Anyo Boss Fight
• The original idea was that he would be a high level boss fight that would have a magnetic shield that players would have to disable by attacking parts of the environment
• Production of Nef Anyo’s boss fight was delayed by several other projects — no firm release date



Ambulas Revamp
• Ambulas is getting a revamp design
• Ambulas has really thick armour plating that players will have to destroy in pieces
• Ambulas fight may be similar to Raptor in the sense that there will be multiple Ambulas units and a broader objective than simply defeating them
• There is a new Corpus dropship that is trying to retrieve Ambulas units — your goal is to prevent them from boarding



New Corpus Enemy Unit
• There will be a new ground unit that is spawned by Sniper Crewmen
• Currently it’s using a placeholder miniature Hyena model
• Click HERE to see the Fabricator in action



Eximus Unit Update
• New weakpoint system: As enemy level increases, Eximus will spawn with more weakpoints; the weakpoints have to be destroyed before the Exiums can receive damage
• The idea is to make Eximus more threatening and requiring more consideration from players
• They will still be vulnerable to powers, but will not take damage from powers
• Weakpoints will be added to Infested only at the moment — would like to add a different unique mechanic to Corpus/Grineer Eximus
• Click HERE to see weakpoint gameplay demonstrated



New Mission Type: Defector Rescue
• The idea is that there are Grineer defectors who are in need of assistance from Infested
• The defectors are sealed into saferooms — players will have to free them and escort them to the exit
• As players unlock more segments of the ship, the difficulty will increase but allow for more rescues  — players will be able to choose how they proceed
• Defectors will take damage as they travel through the mission — you can heal them by stopping periodically at healing stations
• Initially this mission type will only be available as an event type mission with leaderboards
• This is an endless mission type
• This idea was inspired by the first mission in the Glast Gambit
• Click HERE to see Defector Rescue demo gameplay



Syndicate Assassination
• This will be a heavily clan based activity
• Clan members will work together to take down a procedurally generated enemy kingpin and undo their enemy cell
• There will be branching paths for the investigation to take that will allow different gameplay choices
• This is the first time that enemies will work against the clan outside of the mission — as you battle the enemy cell, the kingpin may hack your dojo and add drawbacks to players
• The investigation missions will be the regular gamemodes, but there will be a bit of narrative added to them to make it seem more story driven



Other Stuff
• Next round of Tennogen items is coming soon — simultaneous on consoles and PC
• Moving forward, Baro Ki’Teer will arrive at 9 AM Eastern Time
• The developers are very interested in introducing stealth based enemies
• The devs would like for an opportunity to bring The Golden Maw into the regular game
• Brief preview of Bard-frame’s powers shown HERE (more to come next devstream)


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