Mise à jour de l’infrastructure : 19.9.2 + 19.9.3

Digital Extremes a annoncé une série de mises à jour de l’infrastructure du jeu (source : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/759676-pc-feb-7-early-hotfix-warning/).


Mise à jour 19.9.2 :


Phase One: Database Code Upgrades!

The moment has come: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/759676-pc-feb-7-early-hotfix-warning/#comment-8384822
Warframe is one month away from turning 4 years old – and some of our infrastructure is starting to show its age!  Phase One of upgrading our back end server code to support future database upgrades is live! We will inform you when Phase Two draws near!



– Fixed a rare case of players sometimes not unlocking the Focus system when completing The Second Dream, which resulted in progression stoppers during The War Within.

– Fixed progression stopper in the Grineer Shipyard tileset caused by missing Mobile Defense consoles.

– Fixed a script error when using the Sibear.

– Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Charge.

– Fixed script errors in Broken Scepter and Ivara Quiver with null avatar.

– Fixed being able to complete the puzzle phase of The Law of Retribution by going in and out of Transference to occupy numerous pads.

– Fixed Clients missing their Archwing weapons when spawning in water at the start of the Sortie mission.

– Fixed Ivara’s arrows misbehaving after casting her Artemis Bow.

– Potential fix for Clients with Hysteria/Exalted Blade/Primal Fury/Artemis Bow active and running into a Nullifier briefly causing complete ability/melee/weapon switch lockout on next cast.

– Fixed Automatic weapon removal in ‘Weapon Only’ Sortie missions stripping players of their Submersible weapons on Uranus.

– Fixed numerous Baro Ki’Teer offerings not being Chat linkable.

– Fixed mismatched ships appearing in the fly-in cinematics for Clients.

– Fixed rare script error in squad overlay when mission gets aborted due to Client not having proper items equipped in loadout.

– Fixed Void Fissure Reactant pickups interrupting Melee animations.

– Fixed the Proto Glaive Skin not working properly on any thrown Melee weapons and appearing blurry in the Arsenal.

-Fixed missing enemy death FX when using Sobex with Acid Shells as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/687402-arid-shell-sobek-missing-physx-effect/

– Fixed enemies remaining hostile after being spotted during your first try of the Mastery Rank 9 test.

– Fixed Chat issue where users with names that are prefixes for other players names were getting incorrectly notified (e.g. DEMegan getting notified if DEMegan2 gets @’ed)

– Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Sealab tileset.




The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.9.3

Phase One: Database Code Upgrade progress
This Hotfix provides repairs for infrastructure code released this morning!

Quick Steel has been extended by 24 hours due to some hiccups from 19.9.2. Get that Oro Ornament or forever be jealous of your friends!


  • Optimized several server-side operations to prepare for Baro’s arrival this Friday.


  • Fixed a number of server-side issues that cropped up after 19.9.2 deployment.
  • Fixed massive performance issues on Kuva Fortress Defense when walking around and meleeing around the Defense Target.
  • Fixed certain finishers (e.g. Galatine back stab) teleporting the victim into strange spots (often out of bounds) after the finisher completes.
  • Fixed a case of players sliding/teleporting really far when performing a ground finisher on enemies (notably with the Redeemer).
  • Fixed enemies remaining hostile after being spotted during your first try of the Mastery Rank 9 Test.
  • Fixed the Helminth Infirmary chair not curing your Warframe of the Cyst.
  • Fixed Nidus’ Market Build tab stating his parts drop from the ‘Purify’ mission when it’s actually the ‘Infested Salvage’ mission.
  • Fixed inconsistent terminology and grammar in Maroo’s Bazaar and elsewhere.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Settlement tileset.






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