Résumé du DevStream 93

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 93 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).



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Le résumé :

Oberon Prime
Oberon’s recent changes will be available to console players when Oberon Prime goes live on all platforms on May 30
• Oberon Prime and his Prime Accessories shown HERE
• Oberon Prime should release with a narrated trailer



New Warframe
• The Warframe that is coming after Harrow was briefly teased
• This Warframe was designed by Keith Thompson, one of the designers of the original Warframes
• The weapon shown in the art will be altered somewhat on release — she will be released with a custom hammer
• The theme will remain a mystery — NOT samurai
• There are many members of the art team that have inherited Mynki’s sensibilities, despite his departure



• New NPC in Harrow’s Quest — Paladino, a clairvoyant speaker for The Red Veil
• Harrow’s alternate helmet shown
• Harrow’s abilities have been updated to be less reliant on headshots, although headshots still confer a greater bonus
• Thurible can now be cast while moving
• Many small updates on power animations
• The descriptive text for powers has been shown to reflect these changes
• Watch Rebecca demo Harrow’s updated gameplay HERE



• Keystone is a completely new game by Digital Extremes
• There is a small, separate team that’s been working on this game — its production will not affect Warframe
• You can sign up for the closed Alpha at playkeystone.com



Tennocon Updates
• Baro Ki’Teer will have his entire inventory available to digital and physical Tennocon pass holders, and will be available for 72 hours
• There is a list of content creators that will appear at Tennocon



Other Stuff
• The Equinox Alt Helmet that was shown a while ago has been delayed due to a technical error — a corrupted zBrush file caused work done on it to be lost
• Operators will not be modded in the same way as Warframes, but there is major secret work being done on them — tune in to Tennocon
• Multiplayer Simulacrum is coming
• Shieldgating will be released soon along with the Earth re-master
• In a coming update, Mods that are equipped to Sentinel weapons will be clearly denoted in the Arsenal UI
• New Wildlife creature (rodent) shown






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