The War Within: Hotfix 19.3.2 &

Riven Mod Additions/Changes/Fixes:

  • For those of you who have reached the max Riven Capacity, you can now increase your Riven Capacity by purchasing additional Slots. Visit the market to get a bundle of three slots for 60 Platinum. The maximum capacity is still capped at 60 Riven Slots total for technical reasons.
  • Cycle will now prompt you to choose on next login if you crash while choosing.
  • A player cannot be traded a Riven if they are already at max capacity.
  • Cycling can now be done repeatedly without the need to close & open again.
  • Fixed bug when trying to dissolve a Veiled Riven Mod
  • Fixed getting locked in Riven reveal screen when pressing esc/back too early
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an auto-ban for selling a Riven
  • Rivens will now show the reveal screen on next login if you crash before returning to your Landing Craft


  • Added some helpful text to unacquired Quests in the Codex!
  • Added Transference Suit Energy Color for your Operator’s Abilities!


  • The Quest section of the Codex now displays prerequisites respective to each Quest, and uncompleted Quests appear blurred out!
  • The number of items received from purchasing or crafting items that give more than one of it is now indicated in the UI (i.e Specter Blueprints from Syndicates, Synthesis Scanners from Simaris, etc).
  • Market items that contain more than 1 copy of the item have been updated so that buying 1 will not break up the unit prices but will display total amount you will receive. Buying more than 1 will show the unit price, total price, and total amount received.
  • Quests will now be sorted in the Codex by recommended order of completion.
  • Removed the “flashlight” from Akstiletto & Akstiletto Prime for performance reasons
  • Removed The New Strange as a requirement for starting Simaris dailies.
  • Explosions on enemy death caused by Vulcan Blitz and Acid Shells mods will now properly alert enemies.
  • Hid Rathuum Broadcasters from Enemy Radar to avoid confusion.


  • Fixed a couple memory leaks and offset damage triggers with Vauban’s Tesla Link Augment Mod.
  • Fixed Energy Reduction Sortie Modifier not being applied to Warframes.
  • Fixed Growing Power and Empowered Blades no longer working after using a Focus ability. Should also fix it not working in the Simulacrum if you have it equipped and then open the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Auras applying twice when using a Focus ability.
  • Fixed script error when owning certain Landing Craft skins.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on a halfway visible Chat linked text.
  • Fixed softlock when clicking Swap Images button if you don’t have any Fan Art or Fragments unlocked.
  • Fixed various Loc issues.
  • Fixed various issues with Chat links.
  • Fixed a bug in The War Within that would make the lasers stop working in the Archwing portion.
  • Fixed some Orokin and Derelict doors being inadvertently blue.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some players from completing a Junction after winning the battle.
  • Fixed Warframe abilities affecting Operators & switching to operator will no longer deactivate currently active abilities (still WIP with more fixes coming).
  • Fixed exploit with Phoenix Renewal Augment.
  • Fixed Infiltrate Augment’s speed increase infiltrating on to Focus powers.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause syndicate assassins to only attack player’s Operator.
  • Fixed indestructible defense turrets being destructible on Kuva Fortress.
  • Fixed players not showing up on minimap in Relays & Maroo’s Bazaa.
  • Fixed a few issues on sealab tileset.






Hotfix :

  • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery not functioning.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when deactivating a warframe ability.
  • Fixed incorrect colors appearing on Sigils.
  • Fixed infested Maggots continuing to feed off their victims even after being destroyed.
  • Fixed dedicated server stats not tracking properly.
  • Fixed loss of functionality that could occur when transferring to Operator.
  • Kuva Siphon missions are now locked sooner to prevent players from joining after event has completed.




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