Résumé du DevStream 84

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 84 réalisé par AM-Bunny.


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Le résumé :

New Speargun Weapon
• Possesses two firing modes: fire and thrown
• The Throwing attack is very powerful and has an AOE effect, but upon throwing it, you have to manually retrieve the weapon
• If you throw the spear to an inaccessible location, it will eventually return automatically, but you are limited to your secondary weapon until then
• The (Grineer) fire spear that was previewed shoots a fireball with its primary firing mode
• There is a Corpus speargun being developed too
• Click HERE to see a preview of the spear mechanics



Infested Warframe – Nidus
• Nidus’ acquisition Quest will be related to The Perrin Sequence and the full release of The Index
• Has no shields but passive health regen
• #1 creates a long line of Infestation that damages and refunds some energy based on how many enemies are hit – enough enemies can actually result in a net positive Energy gain
• #2 creates tendrils that hold enemies in place
• #3 stuns an enemy, forming a symbiotic link and makes all damage you receive go to the linked target
• His first 3 powers generate Infestation stacks that are used to pay for his #4 – these stacks are represented visually as Infested growths form on his body
• #4 requires a number of Infestation stacks to use and generates a zone of Infestation that contains maggots that fight for you and cc enemies as well as build more Infestation stacks
• Click HERE to see a gameplay preview of Nidus’ powers
• Will release very soon -sometime this year



New Tenno Shotgun
• Highly requested pump-action shotgun



Limbo Revamp
• Entering and exiting The Rift will be simplified – it won’t be part of his power set, but will instead be tied to his dodge and movements
• This ease of Rift management may address some of the frustrations with picking up items in The Rift and similar issues
• Experimenting with giving him the ability to freeze and stop things in The Rift to emphasize his battlefield control
• The revamp is very much in the conceptual stages – hopefully will have something more concrete in 2017



Deluxe Skins (Ember)
• There’s a new Ember deluxe skin designed by Francois (IgnusDei)
• Frost deluxe skin that was previously shown has had some good progress made, not sure if it will release in 2016 though



Other Stuff
• The Valkyr Prime cinematic trailer is being worked on, but won’t release in 2016 – will ship early 2017
• The Tenno Choice Awards were held, commemorating some 2016 highlights – click HERE to see them
• Definitely will add separate armour ans syandana colouring when the UI team can make time – sounds like a good feature for early 2017
• Musician Warframe will be released in 2017
• Ceres tileset is getting a total re-master including new rain effects, volumetric lighting, new dynamic sound placement, and non-hostile worker NPC’s
• Hinting at some kind of Prime buffs?



The War Within Spoilers
• Before the end of the year, Riven mods for Secondary weapons will probably be released
• They are considering replacing Rifle Rivens in Sortie rewards with Secondary Rivens when they release
• No word was given on how or if Rifle Rivens would then be acquired if this idea is pursued




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