Mise à jour 19.3 + Hotfix 19.3.1

Mise à jour 19.3 :


Get Ember Prime, Frost Prime and more for a limited time!

Take on the fight of fire and ice. The Prime Vault is now opening bringing back Ember and Frost Prime available for a limited time. Joining them are the return of other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories and Weapons, packaged together with discounted Platinum!

Get these packs here before they are gone!

  • New limited time Relics have been added to drops and Relic Packs that contain the Prime items from the Fire and Ice Prime Vault. You can see all the details of the Relics in your Codex!




  • Minor load time performance improvements to loading times!
  • An « Accolades » category has been added to the Profile screen to identify Staff, Senior Guides of the Lotus, Junior Guides of the Lotus, and Founders by their Badges. Example:


Conclave Changes:

  • Removed headshot multiplier and reduced the damage of the Seer in Conclave.



Dedicated Server Changes:

  • Added an option to change your server’s matchmaking region without having to mess with your Profile.




  • Fixed Kavat Genetic Codes from Alerts not being given out in intended quantities. Alerts will now grant 5 Kavat Genetic Codes.
  • Fixed Orokin Derelict missions appearing as « Assassination, Levels 1-1 » when hovering over them in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed the Leaderboard UI not filling the space available with information.
  • Fixed a door in Vor’s Prize not switching lights to green when unlocked.



Spoiler Changes & Fixes:


  • Adjusted the Kuva Tower location within the Corpus Ship tileset.


  • Fixed numerous hitches during ‘The Purge Precept’ mission in The War Within after failing it previously.
  • Fixed Kuva Guardians getting stunlocked by Volt’s Overload while they are still armed.
  • Fixed a controller issue where the Power Menu would get stuck when using Transference to return to your Warframe.
  • Fixed enemies continuing to spawn after defending the console in the Kuva Fortress mission in The War Within quest.




The War Within: Hotfix 19.3.1



  • Added Lotus tutorial transmissions to Spy missions, Survival missions, and Void Fissure missions. Fun fact: there is an option in your in-game Audio settings titled ‘Enable Hint Transmissions’ (previously was ‘Enable Tutorial Transmission’). Enabling this will give you those Lotus ‘help’ transmissions that play throughout the mission, and disabling it prevents them from playing.
  • Added proper localization to Stand United, Precision Munition, Thundermiter, Draining Gloom and Heartseeker Mods.


  • Changed the ‘Enable Tutorial Transmission’ Audio option to ‘Enable Hint Transmissions’.

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed Health Orbs and Ammo not respawning  for the entire game after falling victim to Mirage’s  Sleight of Hand.

Dedicate Server Fixes:

  • Fixed Dedicated Servers in Recruit Conditioning matches allowing all Mods to be used.


  • Made another fix for Clients getting incorrect/no reward if a Fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect.
  • Fixed players not receiving the Relic rewards at each wave cycle at End of Mission.
  • Fixed memory/object leak with Vauban’s Vortex and Simulor.
  • Fixed the dangly bits on the Rashasi Polearm Skin constantly duplicating each time the weapon is equipped. This resulted in a significant increase in CPU time.
  • Fixed a rare script crash in Vauban’s Tesla if the entity it attached to was killed within a quarter-second of attachment.
  • Fixed an unreachable Syndicate Medallion spawn in the Uranus tileset.
  • Fixed some enemies getting stuck in their patrol animation.
  • Fixed incorrectly placed objects and out-of-bound teleporters in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed a script error when joining a Void Fissure Mission.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if a Corpus Tech tried to spawn his Drone and it failed.
  • Fixed Market music overlapping when Master volume is set really low.
  • Fixed the fullscreen map shifting off screen on larger resolutions.
  • Fixed numerous localization issues.

Spoiler Fixes :

Riven Mod Additions & Changes:

Please see our Developer Workshop post for more information on Riven Mod capacity plans: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/730322-the-road-to-1515-spoiler-mods/

  • Changed Riven Mod capacity warnings and action steps to be more friendly by adding an ‘Ask me Later’ button that allows you to delay your decision on which Riven Mod to get rid of once you are past the cap (16/15). Previously if you were in the scenario of receiving a 16th Veiled Riven Mod via Sortie, you were sent back to your Landing Craft and locked into making a choice of which Riven to Dissolve. It can be any Riven, even the Veiled one you just received. However, while you’re above the Riven cap you will be ineligible for Sorties until you manage your inventory (16/15 must become 15/15 or less).



  • Removed the Warframe Energy penalty when dying as Operator while in Transference.



  • Fixed Clients not seeing the UI indication that a Braid has been destroyed in a Kuva Siphon mission.
  • Fixed Orbiter doors not opening during the Purge Precept mission in The War Within quest.
  • Fixed a controller issue where toggling the Power Menu as the Operator would cause Warframe specific UI to appear.
  • Fixed Kuva icons not appearing in the Kuva Siphon mission UI.
  • Fixed correctly attacking the Queen not triggering the mission progression in The War Within quest.






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