[Mise à jour] 25.5.0 : Wukong Deluxe

Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.5.0


Reborn in flame, Wukong finds enlightenment in the Wukong Samadhi Collection! 

From the cauldron’s flame emerges the immortal Wukong Samadhi. 

Wukong Samadhi’s signature Helmet. 

Wukong Samadhi’s signature Whip Skin. 

Wukong Samadhi’s signature Syandana. 

A collection of immortal Wukong items, including Wukong Samadhi Skin, Meteor Whip Skin, and the Subhuti Syandana.

*The Wukong Samadhi Collection also includes the Wukong Samadhi Iron Staff Skin that can only be applied to Wukong’s Iron Staff!

Wield Wukong’s awe-inspiring power on your own journey today!


General Additions:

  • New Wukong Samadhi Glyph and Wukong Samadhi In Action Glyphs are available under the Profile > Glyph section for Platinum!
  • Added Rhino’s Ability videos to his Arsenal diorama.
  • Added the ability to view a list of items you own that a Riven fits into. This way you can know which stats you want, without having to flip-flop between the Arsenal to check.


  • Improved handling of corrupt shader caches.
  • Fixed a crash when processing a HUD buff icon.

Colour Picker Changes:


We have released substantial improvements to the Colour Customization of Warframe! 

  1. You can now view your Palettes in a redesigned screen that allows for more convenient browsing of your options. The old single-column design took a long time to scroll, and the new two-column cleaner design is much more streamlined. 
  2. Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!
  3. Any Legacy colours cannot be saved as favourite – this is to fix a bug that would prevent any and all customization saving. 
  4. +5 new ‘Favourite’ Colour slots! 
  5. Added new ‘drag’ functionality to the Favourites grid so you can move colour around! 
  6. Added focus sound to swatch grid, and select sound when toggling favorites!

Revenant Fixes:

  • Fixed Armored enemies affected by Revenant’s Danse Macabre continuing to take Corrosive Damage after the Armor has gone, resulting in less damage because Flesh is stronger to Corrosive than Armor is.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre doing Corrosive Damage to Infested.
  • Fixed not being able to perform finishers on blinded enemies from Revenant’s Enthrall that are temporary allies (mind control, etc).

Nightwave Fix:

  • Fixed previous Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1. These Acts were also counting towards the 3 Recovered Acts, which prevented other eligible Recovered Acts if you had 3 of these affected Recovered Acts.

General Changes:

  • You can now Transfer to the Operator while Fishing / Conservation.
  • Upgrading a Relic while in a Void Fissure endless mission will now ask you if you wish to equip the upgraded Relic.
  • Any summoned allied Specters in a Nightmare mission will now have a reddish distorted glow to indicate that they have turned against you and you’ve made a huge mistake in trusting them.
  • Your chosen UI Theme is now applied to the Riven reroll screen!
  • Adjusted the holster position of Warfans, Polearms, Scythes and Staffs on Zephyr Prime.
  • Adjusted the Holster position of Sword and Shields on multiple Warframes so it is attached and rotated correctly.
  • Adjusted the default holster position of the Lenz Quiver so it sits closer to Warframe’s backs.
  • Adjusted the Emblem offset on the Helminth Charger, Drahk Pattern, and Underbrush Pattern Kubrows to fix them disappearing completely.


  • Fixed a functionality loss when attempting to purchase Riven capacity via the Riven Slot purchase pop up prompt.
  • Fixed inability to redeploy your Arch-Gun after mounting / dismounting your K-Drive.
  • Fixed broken functionality if the Ferrox is the only weapon equipped and you pick up Ammo while it’s been thrown.
  • Fixed new Clan members able to Research the Ignis Wraith in a Clan that does not have access to that specific Research. 
  • Fixed the Ropalolyst firing lasers immediately after it’s ‘bug zapper ground flop’ cinematic ends.
  • Fixed using the Itzal’s Fighter Escort ability while in Submersible water resulting in immediate drone destruction and the infamous ‘Abilities In Use’ issue.
  • Fixed the Zenith sometimes getting stuck only firing one semi-auto shot before reverting to auto.
  • Fixed misaligned hitboxes on the Hyena Pack enemies.
  • Fixed Allied Shield Ospreys no longer providing Shield Buffs
  • Fixed Shield Osprey Eximus Specters not shooting at anything.
  • Fixes toward Drahk enemies performing Melee attacks but not actually able to hit their target.
  • Fixed Infested Crawlers freezing in place instead of attempting to attack when being rushed at.
  • Fixed Flameblade enemy variants often missing their first attack even against a stationary player.
  • Fixed enemies being overly reluctant to shooting at Frost’s Snow Globe from a longer distance. 
  • Fixed Melee Channeling toggling off when swapping to a Primary / Secondary.
  • Fixed certain charged weapons not working correctly with certain NPCs such as Executioner Harkonar and Spectres.
  • Fixed missing prompt when equipping an Echo-Lure that ‘This item will be automatically available from the Gear Menu while using the Tranq Rifle’. 
  • Fixed missing wipe-out animation when crashing into an obstacle while on your K-Drive. 
  • Fixed Garuda’s Arsenal Ability UI displaying Health Drain is modified by Power Efficiency. 
  • Fixed missing sorting Tabs in the Mod Manager screen when a filter clears all equipped Mods.
  • Fixed inconsistent text for the Capacitance Mod on Volt when looking at the Mod and in the stats page when the Mod is at Rank 0 and 2. 
  • Fixed the Itzal’s Penumbra Ability resulting in a ‘ugly insta stop’ animation.
  • Fixed Prime Toggle appearing always off to other players in a Relay, Dojo, or Town.
  • Fixed missing Codex entries for the MK-1 weapons, Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal.
  • Fixed metallic looking eye textures, predominantly seen in Cetus at night.
  • Fixed the Sonicor and Opticor having an overly bright FX.
  • Fixed misaligned Certus Brace and Propa Scaffold when building an Amp.
  • Fixed the Narvarr Prime Leg Armor clipping through Nyx’s Pasithea Skin skirt.
  • Fixed the Cryona Syandana clipping through Khora. 
  • Fixed misaligned Vetala Ankle Plate when equipped on Limbo Prime.
  • Fixed rocks that were suspended in mid air by sitting them down (literally) and telling them about physics and gravity.
  • Fixed Grineer Sealab water appearing in other tilesets.
  • Fixes towards Assassinate intro boss name not being visible for Clients.
  • Fixed an NPC in the Larunda Relay losing their head entirely when approached. 
  • Fixed wingless Drones in Orb Vallis. Reported from: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ck4a5a/where_can_i_get_a_hoveraddon_for_my_giant_space/
  • Fixed missing collision in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.

Wukong Deluxe: Hotfix


  • Fixed a game freeze when dragging a Favorite Color in the Arsenal.

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