Quelques détails sur le futur mode PVP 2.0

PvP 2.0 is chock full of exciting updates and dramatic changes. While our last Building Warframe focused on the shape and structure of Capture the Cephalon’s level design, how players actually interact in this new Conclave largely depends on what mechanics are allowed in this new PvP environment. Keep in mind this particular overhaul is going to start with a limited Arsenal, a necessary step to achieve the balanced PvP our players want to see.

The most valuable lesson taken from Dark Sector Conflicts was that Warframe powers, when used against other Tenno, could be impossible to overcome. That’s why our PvP 2.0 update features an extensive overhaul of our current PvP system. Everything from Mods to Warframes are getting re-evaluated to ensure that they fit in our new self-contained Conclave missions.

Picking the Right Warframe
With the knowledge that Ability Powers can grossly warp any battle to favor a limited number of Warframes, our new day one Conclave PvP maps restrict Warframe use to a select few:

• Excalibur
• Mag
• Volt

This doesn’t mean that there will only ever be three Warframes available in Conclave; however, our first priority is making sure each Warframe is balanced exclusively for PvP. Because the changes we make for PvP related Missions never effect the balance of PvE content, adjustments made to each Warframe are done to keep Conclave are as fair as possible.

Using Mag’s Pull as an example — in PvE, maximizing the number of enemies pulled at range is the optimal way to use that ability. Even with a max range / damage Pull, knowing where to place Mag pre-cast is incredibly important. After a player has put time into making the Ability ‘good’, knowing when to use it becomes the next most important skill.

We want that same sort of logic to apply to PvP but in a much more limited fashion. Using Pull should never be the most obvious choice, and this is even more critical to remember in an environment where energy is a very limited resource.

Will you use Super Jump to reach a good vantage point, or run in and try and score a kill with Slash Dash? Should you spam Shock between rifle bursts or is it worth searching for more energy for successive Shocking Speed flag running? These are the kinds of questions players need to juggle in PvP 2.0. Expect every Warframe to have their powers balanced to fit this Conclave Update.

Restricting Mods
Equally important are limitations placed on Mods. Instead of enabling Mods that alter the size and strength of Warframe Abilities or stats, Mods used in PvP 2.0 are focused more on utility.

Handspring, Aviator, Maglev, and Acrobat are good examples of Mods that add substance to PvP by increasing survivability in a skill-based way. PvP exclusive Mods do the same, providing Corrupted alternatives for players that feel comfortable sacrificing health or speed for a boon to another stat. This should help steer the focus away from idealized max-DPS builds and toward Warframes that have increased survivability depending on the preferences of the individual player.

In other words, in PvP 2.0 players take survival into their own hands instead of relying on more health or armor than an opponent thanks to Mods.

Careful Weapon Choice
Weapon selection in PvE varies depending on what kind of enemy players face. In PvP, damage types like Slash, Impact and Puncture are less balanced.
In PvP 2.0, all weapons do flat damage instead of having their damage broken down into various types, removing procs that can bypass armor or force bleeds. Critical strikes have also been removed, replaced instead with a 1.5 damage multiplier on any headshot made. Further adjustments have been made to weapons on a per-case basis.

Just like with the permitted Warframes, players need to own the permitted weapons in order to participate in PvP. The following is a short list of some weapons that are being permitted at launch in this PvP 2.0 overhaul:

Primary Weapons:
• Braton
• Latron
• Paris
• Strun
• Boar

Secondary Weapons:
• Lato
• Dual Lato
• Kunai
• Furis
• Dual Furis
• Sicarus

Melee Weapons:
• Bo
• Furax
• Skana

Variations of each weapon are also permitted, although it’s wise to keep in mind that changes may be made to any PvP weapon in the interest of balance and fair play. An unwieldy weapon with good stats is no match for a gun you know and trust.

We hope this mechanics-based edition of Building Warframe helps give a better idea not only of the changes we’re implementing in PvP 2.0, but our reasons behind each change. Let us know what you think of the upcoming changes — we’re certainly excited to see everyone take part in our PvP overhaul.

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  1. « Variations of each weapon are also permitted »
    Alors faut-il patater et formater un braton, un bo et des kunai dès maintenant ? Ou pourrai je me servir du braton prime, bo prime et despair ??

    En même temps …. formater sans connaitre les mods qu’on pourra utiliser c’est pas possible :/

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