Mise à jour 22.15.0 + 22.15.1

PANDERO CERAMICA SKIN A bold red and white glaze glistens across the surface of this hardened ceramic Pandero Skin. *Following suit of the Boltor Bravura Skin, due to technical limitations and differences between firing/reloading animations on other Weapons, the Pandero Ceramica Skin can only be equipped on the Pandero. CERAMICA TONFA SKIN Strike a bold […]

Elle est là !!! Banshee Prime

L’access Prime de Banshee Prime est arrivé. Il comprend: Banshee Prime Euphona Prime Helios Prime avec son arme Syandana Capelle Prime Accessoires Ictus Prime pour sentinelle lieux de loot. Banshee Prime : Blueprint Neo T1 Uncommon Chassis Neo B1 Rare Neuroptics Meso S4 Common Systems Axi B1 Rare Euphona Prime : Barrel Meso N3 Uncommon […]

The War Within: Update 19.4 + Hotfix 19.4.1

Stand out with these new items!  Set your enemies in flames with the Javlok. Complete this loadout by adding the Laddak Cloak and Boloket Sugatra. Customize your Warframe with a new round of community-created TennoGen items on the Steam Workshop! TENNO REINFORCEMENTS: JAVLOK Launch super-heated slugs at individual foes, or hurl the entire weapon and […]